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24 February 2018

Representing Baltimore in the Cosplay World

Travelling from town to town, convention to convention, game to game, you will see thousands of Cosplay creations. Some good, some bad, some that are truly amazing. For me it is those few that take the time to create every aspect of their costume from scratch that truly impress. Even when that costume may not have the perfect lines and seams, I appreciate the craft, the time, and the dedication. Chrissy Murphy is one of the few who actually takes the time to actually craft her costumes. She has spent hundreds of hours dedicating herself to her nerdy passion. Though an amateur, she has been featured in the Baltimore Sun.

10884884_10100909886137833_1157276265_nHow long have you been enjoying Cosplay?

I would say about 12 years. Although I did not start going to cons until much later.

How did you get into Cosplay?

When I was younger, I became obsessed with Halloween. I would begin to work on my costume in the summertime. In 2002, I sewed a classic animated series Harley Quinn outfit together and was very excited about the way it turned out. I was always bummed when Halloween ended, but then I realized that I could do cosplay whenever I wanted and that opened new doors.

10934518_10100909886132843_473855191_nWhat are some of the most memorable characters you have played?

Probably Oola, the Twi’lek from Star Wars. The makeup was a lot of fun and I was featured in the Baltimore Sun. It was also the most uncomfortable costume I have ever done. haha.

What inspires your characters?

Comics and Sci-fy movies mostly. I rather enjoy how every superhero and villian has a very distinct look and it’s always fun to portray them.

Are you a gamer?

I very much love playing video games, but unfortunately, I don’t always have the time anymore.

10934721_10100909886187733_1033632879_nHow about comic book?

Walking Dead is always a favorite of mine, but right now I am really digging Saga. Watchmen is still one of my favorite graphic novels.

Have you won any events?

I won a contest at a small con after party, but that’s about it. I still consider myself quite a beginner. Every Con, I am so impressed by the dedication so many cosplayers have and I strive very much to be on that level one day.

What cons do you regularly attend?

Awesome Con and Baltimore Comic Con. I would like to attend New York comic con next time around.

Do you have any new Cosplay plans for 2015?

Although, I have done Mystique before, I want to do it again. This time with her long white dress. I think that will be fun to make.



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