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21 February 2018

Rampaging Jotunn Rampages into Our Lives

What makes a good game? That is the question all game designers should ask but few actually do. A good game requires several components. 1. It must be interesting, 2, it should be easy to learn, 3. it should have replayability, and 4. it should be challenging. Rampaging Jotun qualifies on all of these accounts. The game is a basic two person strategy game that feels like a cross between The Thirteenth Warrior and Catan. You have three territories that you must defeat with two armies. You opponent has the same thing. Then there is this giant that rampages around the board killing everything in its path. You can’t beat the giant so it is best to avoid it. The problem is the giants movement is based on a random selection of cards in your opponents hand. This creates strategy and  chaos at the same time.

So how does it all work? Inside the box you will find 12 game boards. Turn them upside down on the table and take turns picking three boards for you and your opponent does the same thing. Fit your boards together with your opponent’s and you have a battle arena. Then place the towns, armies, and in the center goes the Jotun. In alternating turns the players utilize cards to move their armies. They also take turns affecting the action of the Jotun. This tends to create a dynamic field of play with the chaos of a drunk rampaging Norse Giant.

In our playtest we witnessed one player nearly wiped out in the first five moves only to come back and win the game. In another the game was over in ten minutes but everyone was laughing so hard that we had to play again. The game is so simple and yet has many subtle strategies that begin to manifest creating a game that is far more complicated than it at first appears. Average playtime is about 20 minutes but we have seen games take over an hour. The multiple board combinations gives 36 potential scenarios to play with offering much replayability.

Lets look at a video of live play between two people that have had no real experience with the game.

As you can see the game is fast paced, easy to play and overall fun. The Kickstarter will go live soon and we will post details. Until then you can salivate while you wait. I will be backing this project and hope that you do too.


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