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22 February 2018

Pamela Horton ~ Living the gamer dream

We have entered the age of the geek. The various things proving this to be true are so many ranging from the extreme popularity of shows like Big Bang Theory to the massive attendance seen at places like San Diego Comic Con, DragonCon, and Gen Con. The true mark of Era of Geekdom is when magazines that are considered conservative, magazines that our parents might read, are now showing images of people dressed up as Gandolf or Sailor Moon. Now our gaming companies, like Nintendo, are doing joint photoshoots with bigwigs like Playboy. If you are not a part of this nerdy revolution, you are truly missing out on something great.
One of the people on the cutting edge of this revolution is Playboy model,Pamela Horton. A self proclaimed “Gamer Girl” this woman is using her love of the genre to break decades of stagnation in our entertainment industry.  In a few short years this woman has gone from being a fan to being adored by fans around the world. A true dream come true. Few fans get the opportunity to pursue a career that lets them explore their true passions in life.
How did you get into modeling? 
I actually got into modeling the same way I got into Playboy. I like to tell people I “tripped and fell” into modeling, and then into Playboy. I never aspired to be a model, but one day a photographer sent me a message on Myspace and suggested I do a photoshoot with him because I had a unique look. (Re-reading that, it sounds a little shady haha) But I checked out his references and brought my sister with me as an escort and the shoot went phenomenal. I discovered I had a hidden skill that I have worked on and perfected into a profession. Playboy also happened by a photographer stumbling upon my profile on Model Mayhem. The rest is history.
What was your favorite photoshoot? 
My absolute favorite photoshoot was a recent collaboration with Nintendo by Playboy for the new Bayonetta 2 release. I got to dress up as Bayonetta in the official Nintendo cosplay and did a promotional series for them. I’m a huge Nintendo fan girl so the opportunity to work with Nintendo has given me a level of happiness I never thought I could achieve. (Save for actually working FOR Nintendo.
How did you get into Cosplay?
First time I ever cosplayed was for my first go at a convention back in 2007 (A-Kon in Dallas!). My friends were going as Professor Layton characters and that motivated me to dress up as one of my favorite characters: Ayla from Chrono Trigger. Being a little bit on the artistic side helped make it possible.
What characters have you played?
In cosplay? I’ve played Ayla (Chrono Trigger), Pokemon Trainer, Velma (Scooby Doo), Veigar (League of Legends), Bayonetta, Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft), and a few more.
What are your favorite games? 
My all-time favorite game is Chrono Trigger for the SNES. I play it at least once a year, either on my Super Nintendo or my 3DS. Other favorites are: Legend of Zelda (Majora’s Mask being my favorite, but all of them!!) EarthBound, God of War, Final Fantasy (VIII, X, XI, XIII, XIV), Pokemon, WoW, LoL, etc!!
c_limit,h_480,q_80,w_520_http___images_contentful_com_ogz4nxetbde6_1L2WI9XIqM6kemMQmcgq2y_f898b5cb4b6176876c51e03b6dcb3156_03_Bayonetta_Pamela-HortonWhat conventions do you regularly attend?
E3, Comic-Con, PAX Prime, PAX East, CES, Anime Con, SummonersCon… Nowadays I typically attend the conventions for work, which is AWESOME.
Do you have a favorite convention?
I love the community at PAX. Everyone is absolutely amazing and the ambiance is total gamer-friendly. Comic-Con is a close second, but there are SO MANY PEOPLE.
Are you working on any cool new projects?
I’ve recently done a collab with Razer, shot a new video for Gamer Next Door, revamping my website (which is now Seriously, it is. :P), Working on some VO and a major role I’m about to film in a movie. But keep it on the down-low!
If anyone wants to be in the know on the goings on, or if they just want to watch the silly videos I make with @AmeliaTalon, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine @pamelahorton13

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