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22 February 2018

No pay to win on Kingdom Wars

Reverie World Studios MMORTS title Kingdom Wars is now available on Steam, free-to-play section. With over thirty thousands of new players already having joined the game, it’s great time for players to get early start and join this empire building game at the start of this free to play saga, without the pay-to-win strings attached.

“With Kingdom Wars going free-to-play our primary goal is to create a large player community that loves and supports our games”, said Konstantin Fomenko, Reverie World CEO. “To this end we did not go the standard Pay to Win route, instead opting for limited micro-transactions that doesn’t affect gameplay mechanics in any way. It’s a game of skill, not bigger wallets”

Thousands of new players will build their empires and battle online without having to pay anything to speed up gameplay or unlock premium content. Kingdom Wars is one of the first persistent 3D MMO titles with real-time siege combat. Offering an evolving online environment, in which players gather resources, build towns and castles, complete dozens of storyline quests, and eventually build an empire – all within an online realm that grows, works, and breathes even when you log off.

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