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24 February 2018

Nerd Rage News® Behind the Curtain ~ Liane Simard & Arnaud Simard-Chabot

After ten years in the making, the long-awaited documentary Canadian filmmaker Liane Simard, premiered her film ONCE UPON 6 TIMES on December 1st as part of the 12th Festival of Educational Film in Evreux to very good review. ONCE UPON 6 TIMES is the intimate portrait of a mother on a quest for the most effective educational system for her young son.

Monica Morrison says, “As a parent, I too understand what is behind the desperate search to find the right learning environment for a child. The film allows us into the educational system, in a part of Canada, where a concept that may be new is really not that novel. Without a spoil, it’s fair to say that this is a must watch for posterity sakes.”
Filmed using an up-close and personal approach with a cinema verite style, ONCE UPON 6 TIMES is a heartwarming film about learning human values and the transition from childhood to puberty.
“The film resonated with me on multiple levels. As a college student, I’ve questioned if the school system is as good as it can be in America. My friends and I have all felt that there is too much pressure, too much standardized testing, and too much testing in general. It’s more about grades for us than actual learning, and we think it should be the other way around. Rather than teaching us how to be good people or even how to do our taxes, we’ve stressed out over quadratic equations and how to find the area of a triangle inside of a square. This film proves that there are other systems of education in this world that are equally, if not more, successful than our current system. I like that it focuses on building good personalities. With all the violence and hate in this world, we need more of that”, says
We got together with Liane and her son, Arnaud, and asked them a few questions about the film:

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