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22 January 2018

My Little Pony

The wonderful and magical friendship of these six beautiful little ponies is the epic limit of goodness to me. The way the show can capture my interest a busy 30 something mom buzzing around with a million things on my mind and things to do but when I see My little pony on TV I just sit down with my kids and soon get hooked on the story. These cute little ponies are lovable and addictively entertaining. Now I know that everyone has their own taste and I don’t often talk about my cartoon obsession with other adults but as I have noticed at conventions and Facebook groups there is grown adult people totally in love with the ponies too. Guy pony fans call themselves ‘Bronies’!! Okay so now I feel totally okay with divulging my clearly obsessive behavior on this subject. I may be the person that gets obsessed with things from time to time but this one is holding strong.


Why do we cling to TV shows and characters in the first place? Well for me it’s all about the love Just like how we choose our favorite colour it just hits you. There is one colour that beyond all others can invoke a feeling of pure joy. I compare this to how we choose our favorite shows, games and characters. Personally I see my  journey very clearly. I loved baby blue and the Power puff girls when I was 14 years old. I think the Power Puff’s were my first cartoon Obsession. I loved Inspector Gadget and My pet Monster but The Power Puff girls was the first poster I just had to have on my wall. In a way I think My little Pony is an evolution of that first cartoon infatuation. Anything that has a similar look or feel to it we will be drawn to.


So which pony is your favorite? I have a hard time choosing just one they are all very qualified to be the best. Here is a little bio on each Pony. Next summer I plan to cosplay as Rainbow Dash in human form.


Rainbow Dash,Rainbow_Dash_3

She is my favorite, Beautiful and tough. She is a bit of a tom boy and a great friend.



Is shy and gentle she is kind and warm and thinks of everyone feelings.

Twilight Sparkle,Twilight_Sparkle


Twilight is the sister of the raining queen which makes her a princess. She has been sent to Ponyville to learn the true meaning of friendship. She is a born leader. She is sweet and kind and everyone calls her their friend.



Is a beautiful pony, she likes to keep neat and clean. She is not into getting into any trouble or mess. She has great style. She is the Posh Spice of the group.

Apple Jack,Canterlot_Castle_Applejack_2


She is a true Country Girl, her family runs a Apple farm. She is a kind true friend willing to stick her neck out to save a friend. She is always the pony you want by your side.

Pinkie Pie PinkiePieHiRes

Is the silly one. She is beautiful and sweet and a little rambunctious. She is always ready to jump into the next adventure.



So that’s my little rant on one of my many obsessions. I was very much lucky  to get to  see the My Little Pony stars Andrea Libman and Tabitha St.Germain the voice actors of Pinkie Pie and Rarity at FanExpo last month.  So whatever it is that you love let is show. No matter what it is we all have something and sharing it helps us grow and find people who have the same kinda stuff inside so always make sure your geek is showing! Night all


Krystal Simons

Krystal Clear Photography

 at FanExpo this weekend.

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