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25 May 2017

My D&D Game with Tim Kask

When I came to Total Confusion 30, I admittedly didn’t know much about the convention except that there would be a lot of games being played. Being a podcaster, I knew that I would have the opportunity to meet and interview fascinating new people. 

One such person was Tim Kask. I had heard that he was a big deal, but was not sure why. An internet search later revealed that Tim was one of the original team members that developed D&D. I was thoroughly impressed. 

At the convention, Tim was holding a ladies only D&D adventure with the original rules. Naturally, I had to find a way to attend. Apparently, all I had to do was ask, and Tim was happy to have another person come to play. 

Now, I am not a novice to RPGs, having played a couple of World of Darkness and D&D 3.5 campaigns, but I didn’t fully understand how the mechanics of things like saving throws and the like worked. The game he ran was a brilliant introduction to an RPG adventure. It was informal but still engrossing as we survived feral dogs, pixie pickpockets, a disgusting barkeep, a mournful banshee, and a pack of bugbears. 

It is always cool when you present an action to a GM and they say “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Let’s try it.” So, our party of Zumba Sisters swung out of the trees to surprise the roaming bugbears. Granted I fell fairly extraordinarily and consistently rolled low. *Stupid dice* We all laughed when I finally succeeded in beating up the enemy. 

After the adventure, Tim and I got a chance to chat about D&D and his cause to make D&D more accessible to women. He related to me how he is often delighted when players come up with different solutions to the scenarios he gives his party and frequently he attributes that to female players thinking outside of the box. 

Overall, I’d love to play another adventure with Tim with less instruction and more game play. His mission to make the game more inclusive and fun for everyone is something that I support wholeheartedly.

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