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21 February 2018

Mocking Jay part one

The count down is on for the theatrical release of the third Hunger Games movie. This is a very personal story for me, as many of you I fell in love with the Hunger Games years ago when the books came out. The Hunger Games, was written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. The next book Catching Fire came in 2009 and the last book Mocking Jay came out in 2010.  Excitedly I awaited the release of each book, reading non-stop for a few days of uninterrupted bliss and experiencing the steering pain as the last page turns and I realize there is nothing to do now but wait. The movies have done the first two books due justice, even though I personally thought Caching fire could have been divided into two separate movies. I am so looking forward to seeing the book come to life next month. The actors that play these iconic characters have in essence become them. When I read the books now I see their faces, Jennifer Lawrence is ‘Katniss Everdeen’ and so when watching this next film I feel it will be like watching a movie I’ve already seen in my head. The books have helped to make this story a personal one for all those who adore it. I have had yet to hear someone say they dislike the books.


The story is as most of you will know a dystopian world where a government has over taken drastic power and is keeping the people trapped like prisoners. They live in fear each day just fighting to survive.  There was 13 districts divided across the land of Panam. Our leading lady is a young girl from the twelfth district. The story opens on her life and her daily struggles. Her father died in a mining accident a few years ago but before that he had taught her to be an amazing hunter and fantastic with a bow. To feed her family she illegally leaves the confines of the district by passing though the fence and enters the forest that surround the district. Her father taught her to hide her bow in a hollowed tree where no one would ever find it. She hunts in the forest alone and sometimes with her friend Gail. There is not much wildlife left there but she takes whatever she can get. Most days its squirrels and small creatures like that. She trades some of her catch in town at the Hob. Fresh meat is a very welcomed treat for the people and there is never any questions on how she got it. It’s a life that although unlike our own it’s easily understood and maybe even feared as our future for humanity.


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The interesting part of the story is when we find out that the leaders are drawing names to choose two children from each district to plop down in an arena to fight to the death for their entertainment and to serve as a reminder. A reminder to all not to even think of fighting back. Remember district 13 they say you don’t want to end up like them. Torched and burned to the ground every last person killed. The story goes on to show the inhumane way that children are made into murders and scared for the rest of their lives. For if you do win… you are cursed with the memories and unending nightmares that are the hunger games. In the Capitol all of this is very normal and even looked forward to by most. As we know by the end of the first book Katniss and Peta win the hunger games,  the first time to have two victors because of the threat to kill themselves at the end. The second Book Catching fire is the very next year which is the 75th hunger games which is known as the Quarter Quell. Every twenty-five years the games are a little different. They do something even more dramatic and exciting for the viewers. The Quarter Quell’s theme is chosen by the game master and President Snow. This year the game master Plutarch Heavensbee has chosen to make all the tributes be drawn out of  the remaining victors. This of course puts our Katniss back in the ring seeing as she is the only female victor of her district. Peta volunteers in place of Haymitch and our favorite duo are back in the games again.



At the end of the second book we find our selves in shock  as the arena comes crashing down and Katniss is rescued by a hovercraft where inside there is Haymitch, Gail and the game master Plutarch. The revolution has begun.

The third book was all about the revolution. Katniss becoming a symbol of hope for all and the war against the capital. This film Mocking Jay part one will include what I assume the first half of the book. I wont give any spoilers on this one just in case you haven’t read the books. I can only assume that this movie will be just as accurate and beautifully portrayed as the first two. The importance of these books and the realization that we should never let any society take control over the masses this way. People should be treated fairly and be free to choose the life they want to live. Follow the rules of respecting others and showing concern for life and live free and happy.

Thank you Suzanne Collins! Your work has meant so much to me and the world. 

I love the message in this story. We can all identify with the characters and choose what we would do in this situation. Maybe its good to be prepared. You never know!




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