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21 February 2018

Mobile Cosplay Photo Studio


Please welcome our newest writer, Krystal Simons, by checking out her Kickstarter Campaign. Her photography is excellent and this could be your chance to help create a truly wonderful cosplay experience for many novice as well as professional cosplayers. Here is what its all about in her own words:

My name is Krystal Simons and I run a small Photography Business north of Toronto. My company is called Krystal Clear Photography and I have been taking photos at FanExpo for a few years now. At our first convention I realized that there is thousands of amazingly creative people that make the most impeccable and realistic costumes! It’s like movie quality! These hard core fans put blood, sweat and tears into their projects.

Unfortunately most of them can barely get one good photo in their creation. Even though they stand and pose all day long for countless fans most photos turn out below par. They scour the internet for weeks after the convention to see if anyone got a good photo. They are usually disappointed. Crowed aisles make for squished people in a hurry to move along. Very bad florescent lighting makes every shot yellowish. What backdrop? A vendor stand or extremely funky carpeting. It’s always busy and messy, just not ideal.

With my Mobile Studio the Cosplayers have the opportunity to schedule an appointment and step into a private area to have the freedom to pose and move around to get their best shot. I will have a variety of Backdrops, green screen and perfect studio lighting set up for the best photo possible for all my fellow Cosplayers.

In the end  we plan to shoot as many cosplayers over the course of 4 days and make them all ecstatically happy. Then once there is enough photos in our collection we can publish them in a Beautiful Book full of colorful glossy pages of real Human Cosplayers!

Also we have the option for a personally made trading card. They will have their best photo on the front along with all the trading card stats. I will give them each a chance to pick their powers and blurb about them. Now how cool is that?

We’ll have a 5 x 7 and 8 x 10  print available at the convention. We will email the professionally edited digital copies within the next two weeks. There will be a choice of print packages and these will be delivered by mail.

There is so many cool options to choose from. We can do Mugs, Mouse pads, stickers buttons. You name it!

We are so excited to embark on this new and amazing adventure, my team and I can’t wait to see all the cool cosplayers and make everyone happy!

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