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22 February 2018

Miniature13- Creating Miniature Realities

Hi, my name is Damien Lyne and I would like to present my first solo project through my new company, Miniature13. Over a year ago I decided to create the miniatures that I always wanted to have, but could never find. Getting to this point has been an incredibly fun and interesting journey and I’ve had great support form the community with over 4000 Likes on Facebook, I’d just like to thank everyone for helping me get to this point, thank you.

Initially I was going to do a traditional release but after talking with friends and a lot of research across the internet, as well as watching and reading what Ronnie Renton from Mantic games had to say about the positives of Kickstarters, I felt it was the right thing for Miniature13 to do.

The first two models, Rayne and The Overseer, are going to be released whatever the outcome of this campaign, but for this campaign I hope to be able to fund the sculpting, printing and casting of the Eral Controller. After that, hopefully with your support, we can hit some stretch goals and get some more of these beautiful Sci-Fi concepts produced, and into your hands.

The miniatures you see below are prototypes, the final versions will be printed at a higher resolution and cast by Zealot Miniatures.


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