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22 February 2018

MIND FIELD explodes your Mind on YouTube Red

Today the mind-bending series, MIND FIELD, begins its first episode on YouTube Red. YouTube star Michael Stevens (aka Vsauce) brings his passion for science to his most ambitious subject yet — human behavior. MIND FIELD explores some of the most mind-blowing, significant, and least-understood aspects of the human psyche.

If you read Nerd Rage News, you are already familiar with Michael Stevens. His videos about science have made him a fan favorite with over ten million subscribers. He is fun and entertaining and I feel like he should be a guest on The Big Bang Theory. Talking with him was much like watching him on my computer. He is super energetic and excited about Mind Field. When you hear his passion it makes you get all excited too. He claims Mind Field will explore the human mind by replicating famous experiments and filming the results creating more questions than answers but isn’t that what science is all about. Questions make us think and this show sounds like a real thinking person’s show.

Mind Field is going to have some super cool guests including Dominic Monaghan, and fellow YouTubers GloZell Green, Jake Roper (Vsauce3), Rosanna Pansino, Ethan Klein (h3h3), Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl) and Timothy DeLaGhetto. If you watch Vsauce, then you know this show is going to be cool and completely mind altering. The only complaint I have is that the show is on YouTube Red of which I am not a subscriber.




All Alone – Could you survive being in isolation for three days?

Michael Stevens conducts a series of experiments to see how isolation affects people, including himself. Actor Dominic Monaghan and YouTuber Jake Roper (Vsauce3) guest star.


Artificial Intelligence – Would you date a robot?

Michael replicates the old “Dating Game” show, where a female contestant must choose between three men – except one is a computer. Will contestants know the difference? YouTuber GloZell Green guest stars.


In Touch – Does your mind ever play tricks on you?

The sensory notion of touch can cause the brain to perceive sensations that aren’t really there. such as pain from a lost limb (phantom pain) or pain from sympathizing with a pregnant wife’s symptoms (couvade syndrome). YouTubers Rosanna Pansino and Ethan Klein (h3h3) guest star.


Do You Know Yourself? – Would you know the difference between a real and false memory?

Michael explores the realms of personal perception, memories, and self. He dives into “choice blindness” by creating an experiment where guests defend choices that they never even made. YouTuber Timothy DeLaGhetto guest stars.


Michael got his start working in the University of Chicago’s neuropsychology department before starting his YouTube channel in 2010. First launched as a comedic channel devoted to video games, VSauce has evolved and now features videos that explore Michael’s quest for answers to the most intriguing questions in pop science. By tackling quirky questions like “What is the speed of dark?” and “Is it okay to touch Mars?” Michael has unveiled unbelievable discoveries, fueling a fan base of over 14M subscribers and over 1 billion views.

Starting on February 21, Michael Stevens and Adam Savage, editor-in-chief of and former co-host of the Emmy-nominated Discovery series “MythBusters,” will go on a North American tour titled Brain Candy Live!  Together, the two are bringing along more than 3 tons of their crazy toys, incredible tools and mind-blowing demonstrations for a celebration of curiosity that’s been described as a cross between TED Talks and the Blue Man Group.

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