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21 February 2018

Metrocide ~ Where Cyberpunk meets Hitman

Metrocide is a fun little steam game that combines elements of Hitman with Cyberpunk and creates a low rez world of violence, and intrigue. Your job is to take out a target without getting caught or killed. This is one of those games where you have multiple options to pull off your goal so don’t get carried away and try killing the first person you meet. Trust me, it ends badly.

The game plays well even if the resolution and detail of objects is a bit off. One of the things I initially like was the ability to hide bodies in manholes. Soon enough I discovered that each manhole has a one body limit. suddenly I was scrambling to find new places to stash the corpses. This was fun and frustrating at the same time. You get to loot your victims which is always fun but many times you are too busy running from the cops and getting away is more important that getting the loot. As a hide and shoot style game, you can rack up the points if you are fast and pay attention to the world around you. The game wants you to hide the bodies so don’t be killing in busy areas unless you have no choice. The more bodies discovered by people or droids, the more cops and the greater your risk of getting wacked.

The game is a compact simple little number but it is a fun one and I would suggest getting on STEAM and trying it out. I heard early in development that it crashed a lot but my game experience never saw a single crash and I truly had a good time playing it. I felt like I was playing a video game version of Cyberpunk 2013. Deadly, fast, and tough as hell. With no saves, pauses, or breaks, you must react and respond in the moment or die trying.


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