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26 February 2018

MemoBottles may save the world

We all know that there is far too much waste in this world. We throw away so much crap that the landfills are getting over filled and the stuff we are tossing is hanging around for decades and in some cases, centuries. Enough is enough.

Two guys, Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt have put together one of the coolest kickstarters in a long time and this kickstarter is one that we all should be a part of. Watch the video and see for yourself. This is a project that must be backed.


As you can see, these bottles will reduce waste, can fit in your purse or computer bag, and are great for all day use. The three sizes make them extra-convenient. Back this project and help save the planet that we all need to stay viable for at least a few more eons.

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