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26 February 2018

Mars vs Earth

Geek Fever Games, a small game design company in central Connecticut, announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for its flagship game, Mars vs. Earth!  Mars vs. Earth was originally web published as a Print & Play game in 2012, and now Geek Fever Games seeks to “level up” the game with professional artwork and deliver a mainstream published version.  Co-founders Jason Miceli and Matt Plourde consider Mars vs. Earth their crowing achievement, a testament to the company’s explicit mission to “deliver the most exciting and compelling game experiences on this side of the known universe!”

Mars vs. Earth is a fast and furious card game, playable by 3 to 10 players in 30 to 60 minutes, that employs a rich “hidden loyalty” system. Mars vs. Earth introduces unique mechanics, such as scaled martian powers and a player driven accusation/trial system, that sit atop a wacky theme to maximize play value and enjoyment.  The game is over when either the humans have foiled enough of the martians’ plans or the martians have destroyed every last human resource, be it military defenses, tech, people or food. In either case, Geek Fever Games guarantees Mars vs. Earth will create some of the greatest play experiences imaginable!

The most outrageous card game on this side of the known universe! Fast & furious game for 3-10 players. Martians are evil and slimy!!

The Kickstarter campaign is specifically designed to raise funding to cover professional artwork costs for the game’s 150 cards, the main gameboard, and box art.  The displayed image comparison of the game’s current artwork, initial concept art, and representative professional art demonstrates the creative process the team has been working on for the past 6 months, and what they aim to fulfill following a successful campaign.  With community backer support Geek Fever Games expects to release the completed game in early 2015.

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