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22 February 2018

Living Dungeon looking for Greenlight on Steam

We’re positively giddy to announce our multiplayer fantasy death filled extravaganza. Take on up to eight friends (or enemies) in the ever changing dungeon that wants you all to die horribly.

Use luck, tactics and cunning to outmaneuver your opponents and help them on their way to a gruesome demise.

Choose combat to cut down monsters and your targets, agility to dodge and weave, nimbly avoiding all obstacles, or select mechanical wizardry to reshape the dungeon to your will and dump your enemies into the abyss.

If you too want to see your friends fall to their doom, get squashed in a wall, mauled by a monster, melted by a mechanical fire launcher, disintegrated by an amorphous shadow, or just simply impaled on the end of your blade. Please take a look at our Greenlight page and give us a yes vote.


If this sounds like something you might enjoy you can check it out here.

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