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22 February 2018

Krystal’s Cosplayer Of The Month

Our Cosplayer for the month of September is  Princess Lolli   


 Princess Lolli has been cosplaying for over 5 years now. Her first time was at Anime North which is an amazing place for first timers plenty of people dressed up and having a ball. She was inspired by her cousin and brothers to start, her love of Maka Albarn from Soul Eater made it easy to jump right into cosplay and keep going from there. Here is our interview together.
Hey Lolli, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today. I’ll go over some basic questions and you go ahead and add anything that comes to mind okay.
Tell me what kind of challenges have you had to face while in cosplay?
   “A challenge with cosplay would probably be the hate. I personally haven’t gotten hate for my cosplays, however, I have (just recently) received hate in regards to Lolita. If someone has low self-esteem and is trying to break out of their shell through cosplay and someone comes and gives them hate, it’ll just make their walls tumble.”
Sadly I have been hearing this time and time again. There are some very judging people around, hopefully we can focus on the amazing positives and great love we get from all the great geeks out there and banish the hate!
So Have you made any lasting friendships at Conventions?
  “Boy have I ever! More than half of my friends list on Facebook (I know that’s a silly way to state friends, but still) are cosplay, convention, and anime related friends.”
That’s great, this is the generation we are in now Facebook and other sites bring people together, its how I met you right? A great Cosplayer Facebook page.
How long do you see yourself continuing with cosplay?
    “I definitely plan to continue cosplaying for many years. I have so many characters I want to cosplay and it’ll probably take me a few years to be able to cosplay them all.”
What Characters are you looking forward to playing in the future?
   “Definitely Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4. Though probably her dancing all night outfit, because she’s wearing pink in that outfit. However, I’m hoping to get her wig soon to be able to do casual cosplays of her. Another character would have to be Momoko from Kamikaze Girls. It’s not an anime, but it’s a movie about a girl who finds Lolita and tricks her father into giving her money for Baby dresses. That’s just part of what the movie is about, but there is a dress from one of the last scenes that I think is hilarious and it would be a great challenge to make.”
If you had to choose one Costume to spend the rest of your life as who would it be?
   “Oh, wow. That’s a hard one. If it’s not just cosplays we’ve already created/worn, I would have to say either the evening gown Rarity or the Ball Gown Rarity cosplays that I will hopefully soon have made. I love Rarity and if I could only cosplay her for the rest of my life, I would fine with that. However, if it is cosplays we have already created/worn, it would have to be either Rarity, or Prom Queen Annie. It’s hard to choose since my Rarity cosplay is a corset which hurts my back, and my Annie cosplay isn’t too accurate.”
Do you have a favorite Convention?
   “I haven’t been to too many conventions, so I am a bit biased. However, if I don’t include Anime North to the mix, I would have to say Canterlot Con. Canterlot Con is the first ever Brony convention in Ontario (I think there may be another one in Canada but I don’t remember. If not, it’s also the first one in Canada). It has to be my favourite because, even though all of the anime community is really quite pleasant, Bronies are a lot more pleasant. Bronies are a bit less prone to bully other Bronies for cosplays or whatever. But I have seen a lot people hating on regular cosplayers. I rarely see a Brony hate on another Brony because of their cosplay.”
What would you say to someone who knows nothing about cosplay but is asking you ‘WHY DO YOU DO IT?’
   “Because I want to. It’s something I love to do, and I can show a part of myself I wouldn’t normally show to others. I would say this because, sometimes a character you choose may not have the same or even a similar personality to you. However, sometimes you are able to find a character that is very similar to you personality wise. When I choose a character, I will usually ask myself ‘Does this character have any similar personality traits to me?’ If yes, I will be a lot more influenced to cosplay said character. If not, I may have it on my list of cosplays I wish to do, however, it will not be that far up on my list of next cosplays.”
Do you have any upcoming plans for your next convention visit?
   “Yes and no. The next con I will be attending is Otakuthon. I am thinking of wearing my Rarity cosplay (the one with the corset) however, I am also debating on trying to make a new Rarity outfit for the convention since the corset it very uncomfortable for me because of back problems. Though I do have two other outfits, one being a cosplay, one being a Lolita coordinate, that I will be wearing to the con. I still don’t have the Lolita coordinate planned, but I hope to have it planned soon.”
What tips do you have for fellow Cospalyers?
   “A tip I would have would be, always make sure to keep hydrated and eat during conventions. I tend to eat 2, maybe 3 meals during your typical conveniton. And when I say typical convention, I mean like Anime North. So pretty much 1 meal per day kind of thing. And that’s really bad. I also don’t usually do a lot of drinking water because I forgot. So make sure to always have a water bottle on you, and possibly some snacks. I know most people wouldn’t really want to, but your best bet would be to have a purse/small bag to carry your water/drinks and snacks in. Or if you’re cosplaying and don’t want to have something untrue to your character, see if a non-cosplaying friend will be your mini pack mule for you. Most conventions will also have either water fountains or water stations. Depending on how frequent these stations are, try to maybe ever other station, or each station you see, take a small drink of water. It doesn’t have to be a full cup, maybe just half a cup or even a few sips. If you don’t want to have to worry about needing to go to the bathroom a ton, do the few sips (fill the cup maybe 1/4 the way up). Sorry the tip was so long, but it’s a huuuge thing at conventions. I once got physically sick at a convention because I wasn’t properly eating. It was not fun…”
What Kinds of genres are you most into?
   “I’m kinda into most genres. Though I prefer girly ones (I’m very very girly) but I like a good action movie, or game, or TV show every now and then. Nerd please don’t hurt me, but I’m not really a huge fan of comics.. I just don’t really like the story lines.. I also tend to prefer the anime over the manga.”
Where can we find you and see your Cosplay work?
Awesome Thank you Lolli for taking the time out to tell us about yourself, I hope you have a great time continuing on as a great cosplaer.
Krystal Simons
Prom Queen Annie from League of Legends
Fen Draco Malfoy Fem Draco
 Rarity (photo taken by Phantom Photos
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