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22 February 2018

Krystal’s Cosplayer Of The Month – October 2016

Cosplayer of the month is….

Julie Aka. Little Rascal





1. What is your name and do you have an Alias?
My name is Julie and my cosplay name is Little Rascal. My cosplay name originates from 2005 from having a pet cat called Rascal. I’ts a name I’ve used for many usernames since i started cosplaying.


2. How long have you been cosplaying?
Not including the many Halloween costumes I did. I started cosplaying around 2007 with my first cosplay which was Risa Harada from DNAngel bought on Ebay.





3. What was is or who inspired you to start?
Looking back, it was figuring out what anime was for the first time. I started talking to a few friends about it and we got into a Cosplay Meet up group every weekend and we started out cosplaying there.


4. Tell us about your first Cosplay experience?
My first time cosplaying didn’t really go so well. I was new to everything;I was in a cosplay that no one knew at all. I was super quiet and didn’t really want to talk to new people so I really didn’t know what I was doing there. The first time I truly enjoyed myself was after making my first cosplay Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket. I had people asking questions on how I made it and it really boosted my confidence.




5. What is a challenge you find with Cosplay?
The main challenge I find with cosplay is finding the time and money to make cosplays. Because of this I only make some of my cosplays and buy others. I would honestly love to make a lot more through out the year but most of the time I can only make a handful.


6. What is the most enjoyable part of Cosplay for you?
I love that feeling of when people recognize you in a cosplay, either asking for a photo, breaking the ice by asking about the costume or if I’ve made the costume, people ask about how I made it. You feel like you have made their day and they have made your day too, its such an awesome moment!




7. Have you met any lasting friends because of Cosplay? Describe one.
Even though I’ve been cosplaying for quite some time it’s only quite recently that I’ve really made some lasting bonds with some awesome people. There’s so many so suddenly that I can’t just choose one! My friends I mainly got to know through cosplay photo-shoots. Kovie Kixx borrowed a cosplay for a photo-shoot with Nick Dunn and I met Mccolie Webber and Kalila through a cosplay calender project with Kovie too. Now we all regularly meet and talk cosplay and showing off cosplays, were all one cosplay and photography family!


8. Is Cosplay now a life time hobby for you? Or say maybe Addiction?
It takes up a lot of my time and money deciding my next costume, designing and putting it together; but the real addiction comes in how much time I spend browsing collages for poses, arranging meets for shoots and just viewing and liking other peoples cosplays. There’s not a day goes by I don’t at least have a cheeky look on other cosplayers facebook pages. They are quite inspiring!




9. What is one or two characters that you want to do in the future?
Clefable gijinka by cowslip which is currently in progress for June this year, and I hope to make for this year, Emma Frost from X-Men.


10. If you had to choose only one costume to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
I’ve been back and forth with this question it’s really hard to choose as once I’m in a costume and I never want to take it off. But if I had to choose I would say Luka Megurine. Probably because it’s a leathery costume and it makes me feel like a boss ha!




11. What makes your decision on who you decide to Cosplay? EG:(Difficultly body match or do we look a like?)
When making a cosplay I have to at least like the character and the costume before I even consider it. If I’m going to make the costume it needs to be something I can commit to as I quite often get sidetracked by other cosplay ideas!


12. Some People Don’t Understand why you do it. How do you answer them?
I’ve had a few people ask about cosplay and what it is, I normally say something along the lines of “I like to make and wear costumes, it’s my hobby which I do alongside friends” However, some people still don’t understand and think I just prance around in “fancy dress” ha!





13. Who do you hope to inspire?
I really hope to inspire people who want to start up cosplay as their hobby. Its really not that scary and you can meet loads of people into the same thing. You don’t have to worry about how your cosplay looks as long as you have fun that’s all that matters.







14. Do you have plans for your next convention yet?
My next convention is Newcastle Film and Comic con. My cosplay is Bubbles; part of a Powerpuff girl group with my other friends as Buttercup and Blossom.


15. What are some insider tips or tricks you would like to share with fellow Cosplayers?
For making your first costume I would give yourself plenty of time and start on something less detailed to get used to making actual clothing. When using a wig I always recommend using a wig cap and fixing it in place with bobby pins, I use a lot of them on my wig itself especially for long and heavier wigs.




16. Can you explain how you feel in your Costume?
Most of my cosplays aren’t very big and bulky so I normally feel very free and fairly comfortable in them. I always feel amazing When I’m with my friends doing different characters from the same series too! It’s always so much fun!
17. What other fun things are you into?
I’m just starting to get into Lolita fashion and I’m a bit of an anime figure collector, just not as big as I used to be though(as I’ve sold some to fund my Cosplay habit!) . I still grab the odd Funko Pop figure ha! I’ve helped to run small anime fundraising events but lately I’m struggling to find the time with both cosplay and work. I tend to start to dabble into something then move on to something else unfortunately.




18. Have you had any funny or interesting stories from cosplaying?.
I always have a great time attending events with my friends. But I have seen some pretty amazing cosplays for example an amazing cosplayer did a brilliant job on a Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft, it was beautiful! Entering into cosplay contests can be funny for me as I always get so nervous!
19. Now that you have experience, what can you say to first timers that are nervous about loosing their Cosplay virginity?
The cosplaying community is quite often very supportive, it’s normally not too hard to get advice and help with making costumes or to find a friend to come meet you at or before an event if your shy.



20. Where can we look to find more of your Cosplaying?
You can look me up on facebook under my name Little Rascal and if your really nice and liked my answers you could go check out my cosplay-it page.

Facebook Little Rascal Cosplay




Thank you so Much Julie for talking with me today and letting us see a glimpse into your world of cosplay. I am sure we will all be flooding your Facebook page now with all kinds of Likes!

Check back with us next month for another amazing Cosplayer on remember to Cosplay ON!


Krystal Simons

Krystal Clear Photography


Photo Credits

1. Kagura sohma by NJDunn Photography
2. Luka Megurine by Mccolie Webber Photography
3. Fullmoon by ILLA Photography
4. Lucy by Mccolie Webber Photography
5. Matsuri Shihou by Kovie Kixx
6. Harley Quinn By Mccolie Webber Photogprahey
7. Miku Hatsune by ILLA Photography
8. Fire Fox by NJDunn Photography
9. Mad Hatter by NJDunn Photography
10. Myself by Mccolie Webber Photography

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