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November’s Cosplayer Of The Month is…
Kaitlyn Peltzer

1. What is your name and do you have an Alias?
Kaitlyn Peltzer. Alias: Eowinth Cosplay
2. How long have you been cosplaying?
Close to 3 Years
3. What was is or who inspired you to start?
I was really into anime and video games and my boyfriend offered to go to a con with me since I had never been before. I had always loved dressing up for Halloween so I gave cosplaying a shot and ended up loving it.
4. Tell us about your first Cosplay experience?
My first cosplay experience was really challenging. I made my costume and was super proud of my work, but when I saw a lot of the other costumes there I had to really relax and realize that some day I could also be on that level if I practiced and tried and didn’t give up. It was really eye-opening when I realized how much I had to learn.
5. What is a challenge you find with Cosplay?
Learning how to work with and use new materials. For every prop and costume I use a new material or a new technique and learning how to work with and use that material can be difficult no matter how many tutorials you’ve seen online. You really have to be willing to practice with it or mess up a few times before getting it right or it’s really hard to continue cosplaying.
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6. What is the most enjoyable part of Cosplay for you?
I really enjoy the people I have met and have yet to meet through cosplay. I have made a lot of really awesome friends through cosplay who I wouldn’t have met otherwise and they really help support you and help you whenever you need it. They’re also some of the most open and fun people who I know.
7. Have you met any lasting friends because of Cosplay? Describe one.
I have made a ton of lasting friends through cosplay. One of the people I met likes to cosplay from a lot of the same fandoms as I do, including League of Legends so we get to cosplay together sometimes. He’s super fun and quirky and we are able to talk about pretty much anything comfortably. He’s also the kind of person who I can not talk to for a while but when we do talk its like there wasn’t any time apart. I’d say he’s probably one of my favorite people I know.
8. Is Cosplay now a life time hobby for you?  Or say maybe Addiction?
It’s definitely a lifetime hobby for me. I love the challenge, the crafting, and the art involved with it. It’s also something that I can do with some of my friends and gives us a common ground. It always keeps you thinking, working, and challenged which is really fun. I also love being able to bring my favorite Characters to life and portray them.
9. What is one or two characters that you want you to do in the future?
The most complicated cosplay that I wish to do at some point is Pulsefire Ezreal. I have a lot of costumes I plan on doing in the future like Aigis from Persona Arena, but nothing is going to be as hard as Ezreal will be. I plan on working with motors, light-boards, and soundboards so I’m really excited for it.
10.  If you had to choose only one costume to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
Probably my officer Vi. I was really able to become one with the character and she’s super fun to cosplay. The costume isn’t too hard to move around in like my Valkyrie Lightning and I can do a lot with it. She’s just the one character I’ve done so far that I really felt like I was her when I was in costume and that I’ve truly done it justice.
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11. What makes your decision on who you decide to Cosplay? EG:(Difficultly body match or do we look a like?)
I like costumes with really fun props and that I can pull off, I usually go for cross dressing or really bad-ass characters when I cosplay because I just have more of a muscular and gritty physique. Cosplaying cute characters just doesn’t work for me and I have much more fun with the more sarcastic and tough characters anyway. I look better and I portray them better so I stick with them. I also just choose characters who I genuinely think are cool and will be fun to cosplay. You have to be them for a day so might as well choose someone who you wouldn’t mind being for a day.
12. Some People Don’t Understand why you do it. How do you answer them?
I say it’s my hobby and it’s challenging and artistic so it’s well worth it. It helps me express my creativity while learning how to properly assemble things that I can use in everyday life as well so it builds my skills in other areas. For example I’ve learned how to wood work and assemble parts so that they interlock and wont fall out-of-place even if I have them on a hinge so that I can move them around like my wings.
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13.  Who do you hope to inspire?
Beginning cosplayers. I know from experience that when you first start it’s hard not to feel let down when you see that there are so many people who are better than you at the hobby. I hope that I can help them pull through in the beginning and help them through some of the tougher things like choosing materials and patterning out props and outfits for cosplays. When I make my tutorials I always explain why I used the materials I did so that the people reading it can gain a better understanding of their uses.
14.  Do you have plans for your next convention yet?
For Katsucon I will be cosplaying as Bishamon from Noragami, Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, Valkyrie Lightning from Final Fantasy 13-2, and Nightblade Irelia from League of Legends. I’ll be wearing some combination of Foxfire Ahri, Nightblade Irelia, Valkyrie Lightning, and Officer Vi at Magfest. I’ll also be attending Otakon and Dragon Con as Aigis from Persona 4 Arena, Nightblade Irelia, Ike from Fire Emblem, and Bishamon.
15.  What are some insider tips or tricks you would like to share with fellow Cosplayers?
Do your research before you start! You really want to know the ins and outs of the materials you are using before you use them. For example to shape PVC or any type of foam you need a heat gun.  For fabrics research what kinds of needles you need or if the fabric will be too thick to go through your machine. Some fabrics such as three-way stretch ones require a special type of needle and the universal one that will work on gaberdine and cotton won’t work with it. Learn which sealers work and how much you should put on before applying paints. Materials like pink insulation foam will melt if you apply resin or spray paint to them without sealing them.
16.  Can you explain how you feel in your Costume?
I always feel amazing in costume. I’m able to be that character that I love and admire and share the passion with other fans who also love them. There’s a sense of empowerment when you are able to show off your costume that you worked really hard on, especially when other people recognize and compliment it. You can really go outside of your comfort zone and have fun when you do it.
17.  What other fun things are you into?
I’m a Pilates instructor, gamer, and anime watcher. I love working out with people and having fun playing things like League of Legends with friends that I meet at cons. Since I’m still in college I haven’t been able to do a ton of things but I love going out with friends and trying new things.
18.  Have you had any funny or interesting stories from cosplaying?
I’ve done some pretty fun things for cosplay like trudging through 2-3 feet of snow for the perfect pictures, but some of my best stories come from the kids around at conventions. With my Officer Vi there were tons of kids who would run up to me and want to touch the gauntlets and take pictures with me because they thought I was really cool. At some point some kid even called me Officer Prime and his mom said the kid told her I made his birthday. Kid’s always have the best faces and reactions to costumes and it’s always funny watching them when they really want a picture with you but are too embarrassed to ask for one. When they do though it’s all smiles and excitement when they run up to you with their costume on in excitement.
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19.  Now that you have experience, what can you say to first timers that are nervous about loosing their Cosplay virginity?
It’s going to be a ton of fun. Don’t worry about the haters and be proud of what you have done. There’s going to be people who will truly appreciate your costume and what you have done so you will only gain from the experience. It will also give you the chance to meet new people who share the same passions as you. There are plenty of tutorials and information out there for you to look into so you just have to do the research and you’ll be fine.
20.  Where can we look to find more of your Cosplaying?
Instagram: Eowinth Cosplay
Worldcosplay,net: Eowinth Cosplay
Cosplay Amino: Eowinth Cosplay

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