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Krystal’s Cosplayer Of The Month – May 2016

received_10153828409261383Cosplayer of the month for May is…


Lauryn Elizabeth

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  1. What is your name and do you have an Alias?
    My name is Lauryn Elizabeth. My online alias is ‘Slave Kryptonian Cosplay’.
    originally it was just ‘Kryptonian Cosplay’ for my love of Supergirl, Superman, and all that is their world.  It was also the first costume I ever owned and wore around like a second skin.
    I added in ‘Slave’ when I started doing a lot of ‘Slave Leia Crossovers’, but now I view it more as me being a Slave to my cosplay.   I’m just so happy that this world exists, and I’m in it!  I mean… Halloween.  ALL THE TIME.  Ermergerd.    I was always meant for HalloweenTown.

2.           How long have you been cosplaying?
I have been dressing up for no reason since I was a child, however, my first time in the cosplay scene was August 2010 for Fan Expo.


3.           What was is or who inspired you to start?
Star Trek.  I had no clue that there were conventions other than ‘Trekkie’ conventions.  When all my friends started turning 25 I made everyone pick the ONE thing they have always wanted to do, and final a local place to make dreams come true.
My wish was to finally attend a ‘Nerd Convention’ and my friend only knew of Fan Expo, which is in August, and my birthday is in March.  So we did another thing, and then fulfilled our dream of dressing up at a Con during the summer.

4.           Tell us about your first Cosplay experience?
My first Cosplay (in a Con) experience was amazing.  Fan Expo was a great place to start.  My friend and I were going to go a ‘Flamingos’ for William Shatner (Boston Legal reference), but when it got close it said he’d only be there the Saturday, due to work we could only go the Sunday.  So instead, the night before, my friend went out and purchased two ‘Red Shirt Uhura’ dresses, phasers, and showed up at my house the morning of Fan Expo ready to rock it.   We went there, complete n00bs, not knowing what to expect – except maybe the mythical 50 yr old bald dudes who live in their parents basement, it was not – it was a wide world of awesome!   The costumes, the things, panels, the art, the booths, the interactions with celebrities.  The kindness from everyone.  We felt like celebrities with all the photos people wanted from us.   We didn’t want to leave.    Was such an amazing day!



5.           What is a challenge you find with Cosplay?
Cost.  I have a Child, a car, rent, other bills, a pet.  Guh.   Life is so expensive.   I’m lucky to share the cost with my partner, but it does get rather pricy!

6.           What is the most enjoyable part of Cosplay for you?
The environment.  I grew up being shunned for my love of the House of El, Star Trek, Star Wars, my love of Halloween (when it wasn’t Halloween).   In this community I am not being shunned or shamed.  I’m being asked questions for help, given support, and kindness.
Each Con is like going down the rabbit hole, or eating a box of chocolates.   Always an adventure.



7.           Have you met any lasting friends because of Cosplay? Describe one.
I have met sooooo many amazing people through cons, and I have made enemies, whom I thought were friends.  I also can’t just choose one. I have met some amazing people.
I have met a guy who thanks me constantly for involving him in these events.   It gives him an outlet he needed to escape world’s silly flusters, and engaged him in an environment that he is comfortable in.
Two girls who aspires to help humanity, as I do, with charity work.  Constantly doing all, and giving all, they can, outside of their daily tasks, to make the most amazing and beautiful costumes, while trying to make a difference in the world.  A friend, who I met via twitter to meet a celebrity, but we have become an amazing cosplaying duo since.  She is so kind, talented, creative, and oh my damn, her progeny!  She is an absolute doll, and another little adorkable cosplayer herself!  A guy who would walk about 20 minutes all the way back to a hotel, just to let you in the groups room, dressed as a Judoon.  (granted he also had to change, but he could have procrastinated and chatted with friends) and his Batcave!!!    OH. My. DAMN!   Nerdiest House I’ve ever been with.  So many Mannequins with Batman costumes.
So many more, some that create lightsabers, others who make props, photographers, editors, the amazing work these people do, and the help and support they will give you.  It’s outstanding.   An extended family.



8.           Is Cosplay now a life time hobby for you?  Or say maybe Addiction?
Probably an addiction.   I have over 90 costumes.  Many have not even been worn, some are just pieces missing minor components, and not worthy of coming out of the closet yet.
I fund it as a hobby.  Like crack.  But not crack. Just fabric, sewing accessories, and craft foam.   Once I get started I’ll pop in a season of a series and allow it to play in the background.  A great way to re-watch, and not have to pay full attention to the tv.   I’d love to do this until I’m old.   Then pull out a steady stream of Maggie Smith Cosplays. J



9.           What is one or two characters that you want to do in the future?
Always love doing more versions of Supergirl, However, I do have a Starfire/Teen Titans, and a Velma/Shaggy group going on in the works.  Supergirl is, and will always be a favourite.  So bring her on.   Starfire is so adorkable.  I love watching her, her innocence, mispronunciation of words, and her love of ‘Dick (Grayson)’, but there was one episode in particular that makes me want to be her.  Her new debut outfit is nice.  More clothing than normal, so I’m in!  Velma and Shaggy, with our Scooby, is a family Cosplay in the works.  I have always loved Scooby Doo and his gang, my boyfriend loved it, and my son is growing up on and it just adores the adventures they all get into.  So we decided to have some fun in the summer with this cosplay idea.   Just have to finish making the skirt and then on to Scooby.

10.          If you had to choose only one costume to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
Supergirl.   She switches all the time between different outfits, and I choose all of them.   Even all of them in the same day.  Just keep switching.   Would be hilarious at a party.



11.         What makes your decision on who you decide to Cosplay? EG:(Difficultly body match or do we look a like?)
I make my decision based on who I like, or if a friend asks me to cosplay with them in a group, or for a photoshoot. For a while I based things around my long black hair, now it is short and I rely on wigs.
I do not base my costumes around my body type. That’s not fun.  I could be working out and an inspiration comes to me, like my ‘Betty Juice’, or be watching a movie like ‘Wreak it Ralph’ and be thinking the entire time ‘How can I get the candy to not stick to my hair if it rains while I’m wearing that costume?’   When I started cosplaying it was just friends saying “Hey Lauryn, we’re doing this (Insert name of show here) and we think (this persons name) or (that persons name) would suit you.” No questions asked, I’d look them up, maybe watch some videos and decide.  They even did the same for me when they had no clue what to be, I asked them all to be my herd of zombies for the ‘Juliet Starling’ I was making that year.



12.         Some People Don’t Understand why you do it. How do you answer them?
I don’t really have an issue with this.   I’ve been all over my local area (Ontario), Baltimore, New York, and England in costume, approached all time, and it’s more curiosity, and then amazement when they see the photos my son and I have.
Sometimes I get people telling me I’m weird, and I tell them “I am, and I love it!”
I never get negative people, looks yes, but they always smile when I look at them, and engage in conversation about my attire.  The question asked most often, “where’s the con?”



13.          Who do you hope to inspire?
I’d like to inspire anyone who wants to break the mold.  I want to inspire creativity, confidence in one’s self.   I want to inspire new cosplayers that they can be whomever they want to be, all they need is some glue, paint, and a wicked imagination… maybe something to paint and glue would be good too.

14.          Do you have plans for your next convention yet?
My next appearance will not be a convention, but at my charity cosplaying sporting event, for The Cosplay Cup.   The Cosplay Cup happens every few months, and it gathers cosplayers and sports fans together to play various sports throughout the year, in costume, and then the amazing Sean Ward (who also sponsors us) films our shenanigans and later posts it on his Youtube channel to share with the world.  At each event we collect monetary donations
Next we shall be playing basketball.  Just inquiring into locations at the moment.



15.          What are some insider tips or tricks you would like to share with fellow Cosplayers?
Don’t leave paper mache outside to dry… Raccoons like to eat it.


Han Solo shot first.   Don’t care what George Lucas says.   That’s the most important of the 3.

16.          Can you explain how you feel in your Costume?
How do I feel in my costume? Honestly it depends on who I am.   When I’m Snow White I feel like a Princess, when I wear Deanna Troi I feel a sense of Honor and have a love of bearded men, when I am any Slave Leia/Crossover cosplay I feel like a person who is on a never-ending journey to save her boyfriend.  If I am unsure about the reception of my costume I go in quite shy and reserved, but then I forget I’m in costume and continue the crazy shenanigans that is ‘CHON!!’  I mean Con. J




17.          What other fun things are you into?
Some other things I like to do; I really like making silly videos, snowboarding, playing old Super Mario games on SNES, driving to haunted locations, hiking to different waterfalls, reading, writing, and hanging out with my family. J

18.          Have you had any funny or interesting stories from cosplaying?
Oh Gosh… YES!   So, I don’t go to meet celebrities and get autographs.  I go, I have a good time, and if my fave celebrities look bored, or if a celebrity my family/friends looks bored, I’ll go up and chat like human beings, however, I lost my marbles around Lady Patricia Stephens.   She is mostly known as ‘Magenta’ from the cult classic ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’.   Now losing my marbles is not something I do, I saved a TV Show, was flown to LA, met the celebrity love of my life – got to touch his boobies- and still didn’t fan girl as hard as I did with this woman.
Most people do not know that Rocky Horror was given a sequel… or a porn!   I do.  (Haven’t watched the Pr0n, but I wanted to own it.)   I Digress.  In 2015 at Niagara Falls comicon I had the honour of meeting that beautiful woman and getting to belt out some nostalgic notes from one of the musicals ending numbers.   Gawd.  It was beautiful.  I wanted a photo with her, but not as the character I was dressed up as, so she gave me her email, and had me add her to Facebook, with the promise of musicals when I can get my tuchas back to London, England.
BEST.MOMENT.OF.LIFE.     Even better than Meeting Michael Rosenbaum, or Tom Hiddleston. (both of those are epic tho)



19.          Now that you have experience, what can you say to first timers that are nervous about loosing their Cosplay virginity?

Leave your debit/credit cards at home.
Always be prepared for your costume malfunctioning.
Don’t get discouraged, with great actions(such as getting your butts to a con), comes great adventures!

20.          Where can we look to find more of your Cosplaying?
I can be found on Facebook at and as “The LaurynShow” on Instagram!!!



Thank you so much for talking with me today. You are an amazing Cosplayer and I really hope we can bump into eachother this year at FanExpo. Check in next month and we will have another great cosplayer tell us their stories! Have an Awesome May and Cosplay ON!


Krystal Simons

Krystal Clear Photography




Character:  BULMA
Photographer:  Unknown

Character: StarWars/Batman Crossover Slave Harley, Jedi Joker (That Cosplay Family), and Darth Batman (That Spider-Kid Cosplay)
Photographer: Cosplay for a cure

Character: Deanna Troi
Photographer:  Ralf Vandermeulen

Character: Freddy Krueger & Child Victim (That Spider-Kid Cosplay)
Photographer: Shelley Burke

Character: Baseball Supergirl Photographer: Cosplay Cup Attendee

Character: Freak-A-Zoid & StarLord (That Spider-Kid Cosplay)
Photographer:  Random Attendee of FanExpo 2013

Character: Juliet Starling & Zombie Horde
Photographer: DROO Photography

Photography  Character: Little Red Riding Hood
Photographer: Mist Walker Photography

Character:  Vanellope Von Schweetz & Fix-it Felix (That Spider-Kid Cosplay)
Photographer: THE GCE (Marc Daniels)

Character: AndrAia (REBOOT)

Character: Muggle Photo of myself, in England with Pan’s Statue.. because I’m a kid.  Mwa hahaha
Photographer: a Random British gent walking by.

Character: Nightwing
Photographer: Cosplay Cup 2015

Character: Winter Supergirl
Photographer: Wildhair Bunny Photography

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