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21 February 2018

Kingdom Rift enters open beta

Kingdom Rift is a new MMORPG from R2Games featuring three unique playable classes. Skills are focused on real-time abilities, rewarding quick thinking and smart positioning.  Characters grow as they progress through the dark and twisted plot, fighting alongside Goddesses and players alike.

Key Features
– Active player abilities focusing on skill and reflexes
– Goddess Companions with unique upgradeable Artifact equipment
– Multi-stage PvE systems, including tiered Dungeons and horde modes
– In-depth player item trading system

To mark the launch of the Open Beta, the in-game stores will open, and servers will no longer be wiped. R2Games invites all players to start their journeys in Kingdom Rift, without fear of losing their character progress. For more details, visit the official Kingdom Rift Website

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