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26 February 2018

Killer Cocktails from Outer Space


As a professional alcoholic I know alcohol and I enjoy drinking. I have partied with some of the most hard core boozers this world has ever known and even a few that claimed to be from other worlds. My Friday night game group has been doing the drinking thing for more than three decades and we have not killed our livers yet. Yes, many games have gone awry but we continue to persevere through out alcohol induced haze.


Steve Wollett (the author) and Peter Bryant (Mythwits & Cube of Death)
Steve Wollett (the author) and Peter Bryant (Mythwits & Cube of Death)


A couple of years ago I published Blasphemous Cocktails. This was a cocktail recipe book inspired by horror and greats like HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, and others. The book was well received and though our print run was small, the book has continued to surprise me with its success. Showcased at GenCon 2013, Blasphemous Cocktails has made the run through numerous conventions where it nearly always sells out.

At TotalCon 2015 I was playing Cards Against Humanity, and quite intoxicated, when the other players (mostly game designers) started giving me crap for not writing another book. I laughed and promised a sequel but what should it be. Then it came to me in an alcohol induced haze. Science Fiction!I am not sure if it was truly my idea or the idea of the host of the convention, Steven Parenteau as he too seemed inspired. Whatever it was I was motivated to put pen to paper and get these ideas into a new book.


Some of the people that inspired the writing of this book
Some of the people that inspired the writing of this book


I looked at my notes from Blasphemous Cocktails and discovered dozens upon dozens of recipes I never used and they needed a home. I was amazed to see half the book was written before I even started. Then I began to scour television and my DVD collection for inspiration. Soon over 100 recipes were done. Friends started asking if they could give me recipes too. The book grew quickly.


Inspired by the great George Takei
Inspired by the great George Takei


Now six month later I am nearly done but don’t have the funds to go to print. This is where Kickstarter comes in. Getting the funds to go to print is what Kickstarter was made for. My track record speaks for itself. I have already produced one great book and had the rewards out earlier than promised for the majority of the backers. I have learned from my mistakes and this time around am fully prepared for what may come. On top of that the book is already 90% complete with the final touches being artwork, layout, and some narrative script.

I ask you to help me make this project come to life. As you see my goal is low and the rewards are quite reasonable.

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