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26 February 2018

Jim McCullough talks about Paradox City

We recently ran into Jim McCullough and spoke with him about his new super hero project, Paradox City. With only a few days left on the kickstarter, now is the time to jump on board and make this comic book world come to life. The project is already funded but every dollar added, means more possibilities for this awesome comic book inspired world.



What is Paradox City?

A by-the-books superhero must team up with supervillains in order to escape the secure fortress, Paradox City, and save his only child.

In the future, the last of humanity lives in a protected box. No one gets in to Paradox City. No one gets out. Life here is perfect, if you follow the rules. Those who stray from the order are imprisoned. Superpowers are outlawed. Individualism is outlawed. Above the city, drones keep a constant eye on everyone. Citizens are monitored with every step. When a rebellious teenager does the impossible and escapes Paradox City, her dad, “Detective Chamber” must go against his ‘straight and narrow’ idealism and team up with super villains and criminals in order to save his daughter.

But escape is just the beginning as he discovers something even more terrifying..

Tell me a little about the production team?

Jim McCullough is the creator, writer and VFX artist and will be directing the first webisode. He is an award-winning visual storyteller, working closely with producers and directors, he creates visually stunning titles, animation, design and VFX for global superstars, commercials and films. He recently produced visual effects for the Ariana Grande music video, “Santa Tell Me” with 27+ million Youtube views. He has also produced visual effects and animation for Barbra Streisand, MAX, Naya Rivera, 2Cellos, Heart, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jasmine V, Fortune 500 companies such as DuPont, Nissan, IBM, Fishnet Security, Baxter, AMC, & CenturyLink.

Jon Abrahams is the producer, Director of Photography and Directed the trailer. He leads Jpixx LLC, an internationally award-winning filmmaker, accomplished digital marketing guru, and at the top of his field in cinematography and video editing. His award-winning
photographic style is personal, emotionally resonant and downright breathtaking. Recently his film, “WILLPower” was part of the 2014 Canon Imaginat10n project. The film received much praise and was selected as the “Top 20 Finalist”. His music video, “The Alcoholic” has received over 500k views and was a finalist. He works with superstars and Fortune 500 companies including: Google, Pharrel Williams, DuPont, SMART, Virginia Producers Alliance, and more.

Jennifer Nott-Martin is the producer and co-writer. She is a marketing superstar who manages several social media, graphic and advertising accounts. She has a rich history of film and theater and was a producer on the award-winning short film, “In Captivity”, directed by Jon Abrahams with visual effects by Jim McCullough. The short film won the “Best Film” for the 2011 International 48 Hour Film Fest and was screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

And your personal experience in film?

I am the creator, writer and VFX artist. I will also be directing the first webisode.

What makes this series different than the myriad of comicbook oriented film and television series currently on the market?

Its new, unique and pushes the boundaries. Since we are not affiliated with any long-standing comic brand or character, we are free to create a whole new set of characters and storyline that can be edgy and explore topics the big franchises wouldn’t dare. For example, themes we will explore in the first few episodes include: abandonment, grief, loss, hate, love, criminality, what it means to be a hero, and turning a superhero into a villain. The aim is to make this as realistic as possible with real people and real world problems, set against the fantastic backdrop of a futurist city with flying robots and superpowers.

What kind of budget are you working with?

For the trailer we spent $200 and over a year of production and visual effects. The goal is to raise $30,000 to shoot a TV quality pilot.

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