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22 February 2018

Jason Anarchy on Drinking Quest

At Gen Con this year I got the chance to hang with Jason Anarchy. Now what can I say about Jason? Well he is from Canada which is a huge strike against him but for a Canadian he turned out to be pretty cool. He is one of the most interesting people I have met at a convention in years. He is funny, fun to hang with, and he has a unique perspective on geek culture that is both enlightened and humorous at the same time. We spoke about alcohol and gaming. Jason told me about his game Drinking Quest and he even got himself a copy of my book, Blasphemous Cocktails. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this guy drinks alot and my book will be a great addition to his arsenal of liver killing beverages. So here are some tidbits from our conversation;

What is Drinking Quest and why should we want to play it?

It’s a hybrid of Tabletop RPG and Drinking Game. You have characters, you level up, you fight monsters, you find treasure… but when your character dies in the game you have to chug your drink in real life! So this adds a new level of real danger to the battles.The cards act as the DM so everyone can drink. There are four themed quests in each game, each with a different comedy theme. Within those quests there are different monsters and saving throw events for the heroes to encounter. There is a also a one-chug-per-quest maximum so that stops it from being a pass-out-in-15- minutes kind of drinking game.

There are three games in the series:

Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG(Probably the most straight forward Pen & Paper Parody of the three)

Drinking Quest 2: Yeddy Vedder’s Yeti Adventure(Has the most ridiculous comedy concepts and is probably the funniest game of the three)

Drinking Quest 3: Nectar of the Gods(Sort of ends the series in a big way with a God theme and lots of existentialism and drunken philosophy)All three games can be played in any order but they all exist in the same “Drunken Middle Earth” so there’s lots of comedy and fun story telling that come from that.

What made you pursue creating Drinking Quest?

Depending on who you ask the story may be different but basically I was LARPing one evening in a thunderstorm. I had snuck in a flask of mead and was having a great time pretending to be a Viking warrior. It really helped me get into character even though there was a strict no drinking rule at the LARPing facility.
However right at the climax of the LARP my left bicep was struck by lightning!
From there the details become even more muddied but before I knew it the Drinking Quest series was a cult hit in the gaming scene and I was raking in nearly dozens of dollars.

I imagine you must drink alot. What would you say your favorite drinks are?

A big part of the job is being an Operations Manager for all things Drinking Quest so I don’t get to drink nearly as often as I’d like (sort of ironic really) but when I do it’s usually Bourbon or Irish whiskey.  Jim Beam and Bushmills are my current go-to beverages.

Do you have plans for a forth installment of the game?

Drinking Quest 3 ends the series in a fun way so the DQ games are going to get some time to rest and recover from the hangover. There are a lot of exciting projects coming. I’m currently working on a TOP SECRET project that involves Drinking Quest but is not a game. Then I’m working on another TOP SECRET project after that is a game but not Drinking Quest. It’s safe to say that everything I do will be comedy related, that’s definitely my comfort zone


What cons will fans be able to find you at in the near future?

I just did Gen Con and Fan Expo back to back and the response was absolutely stellar! The game keeps getting bigger and bigger with every convention. I’m doing some smaller cons around Ontario… Hammercon is a great gaming convention so if you’re driving distance of Hamilton Ontario then it could be a fun meet up there. I’m in the process of booking more cons so stay up to date on the Drinking Quest Facebook or Twitter pages!

Where can we go to get your great games?

Any comic or gaming shop that doesn’t already have it should be able to order it in from their distributor. It’s available on the Paizo site and of course directly from 

Have I missed asking something you would like to talk about?

Besides gaming I’m a HUGE fan of Punk Rock. There is this great undercurrent of Counter Culture in the Drinking Quest games… I definitely wanted to add more depth than simply the Drinking Game meets RPG gimmick. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been positioning myself as the ROCK STAR of the Tabletop gaming.

If you can’t tell, Jason has already created a huge following. His twitter feed is always alive with odd and zany tweets from fans. If you haven’t played this game you have missed a real treat. I got my copy thinking it was all a gimmick but having played it, I have to admit that it is a well thought out game with more depth than one might imagine. If you drink alcohol and like role playing, then you will probably find this game to be one of the best party games you have ever discovered. We will be playing it in my house on new years eve where I am introducing it to a bunch of old time gamers that just happen to be professional alcoholics.


About Jason Anarchy:

Jason Anarchy is the creator of Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG and its sequels. He has overcome his various social phobias by working at comic cons and talking with fans of the series. Before Drinking Quest he was a professional Business Manager in the Newspaper Industry for over 10 years and still managed to keep his sense of humor.

Look for more exciting projects from Jason Anarchy and the Drinking Quest team by keeping up to date with:
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Better yet you can order all three games here

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