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19 September 2019

Janet Decay, More than Meets the Eye

When I started down this road I had never heard of Janet Jay/Janet Decay but soon discovered I was missing something delightful. This fae-like young woman is not only entertaining, she is a living homage to the great horror hosts of the fifties and sixties. Add in some awesome movie roles and you get Janet Jay. I spoke with her a few weeks ago and discovered that she is much more than just your typical TV hostess. She is a dynamic woman with a strong geek heritage and someone that I want to see much more of. I truly love her roll as Janet Decay and tracking her down for an interview was a true delight.

Can you tell me about anything that you’re currently working on?

I’m currently working on The Mummy and The Monkey Show in front of and behind the camera. My character, Janet Decay, AKA “The Mummy”  is the hostess. We screen old B-Movies and independent films similar to the classic TV Horror hosts of the past. What’s old can be new again and I’m bringing “Mummy” back! It’s a great feeling bringing your ideas and creations to life, and sharing your passion with others that get it.


Very cool. Who do you have coming on the show with you? Are you doing like interviews or you’re just mainly doing showing old films?

  My monkey man co-host, Grimm Gorri is my bestie, or should I say “Beastie?”. We do much more than just sit on a couch and show the audience moldy old movies. There’s usually skits and a story line of what’s going on in Grimm and  Decay’s world. In my “Rotten Reels” segment there’s been footage from various horror events such as zombie walks and conventions, along with freaky fun facts about actors, the history behind  the monsters, and fun comedy bits. Grimm Gorri has his segment called “Eerie Cinematery”  with his “Creatchy Comics” bit and  puppet demon sidekicks. So it’s like getting 2 shows in 1. We’ve had other horror hosts make appearances and we’ve showcased actors and musicians on The Mummy and The Monkey. Even though we’re on Time Warner Cable and Roku, our videos are also put on You Tube so that way any one can watch without having to worry about certain show times. Everyday can be like a Friday or Saturday Movie night! All you need is your favorite drink and a snack.\

Are you working on any film projects?

Not at the moment but that can change. I have some film ideas and I’ve worked with many great independent directors, so we’ll see.

sarcophsexyYou were also in Body Ache. Tell me a little about it?

Oh, THAT! It’s a fun comedy short that’s part of  a DVD collection from RAK Films, called “Janet Jay: You Must’ve been a Beautiful Baby.”

They’re based out of Akron Ohio, and put together some great projects. If you like Benny Hill or Monty Python type of humor then you might dig their movies!

What can you tell me about Revenge of the Spaceman? I gotta say I loved the movie poster.

Yes, The poster art is phenomenal! It takes place in middle-of-nowhere Ohio and has a 1950’s feel about it. Aliens  are probing the town and it’s up to a group of teenagers to stop their invasion. Little green men and moonshine make for an entertaining combination. This film has been screened Internationally and is building a cult following. We had a lot of fun shooting this in Medina Ohio and Jay Summers is a brilliant and fun director to work for.

withren2What’s your favorite horror movie?

oh, everybody asks me this, it’s hard to pick just one, it really is. Bela Lugosi as Dracula! oh my gosh, I’m such a big fan of him in that character, I think he’s like my favorite Dracula, and then Texas Chainsaw Massacre; the original, that’s one of my favorites because it’s just so creepy. And oh gosh Freddy Krueger, I have to say I like him more than Jason.

What’s your favorite book?

Fahrenheit 451 because a lot of the stuff that was in that book was written in the 1950s is going on now  with everything being digital, people really not buying books anymore. In the story books were actually banned, they were burned but it seems like now we don’t even need to burn them because no one really cares about them anymore, and there is something special about opening up a paper comic book or a book and actually sitting and reading. Online is great, it’s nice to read article online, but the charm that paper has will never die in my mind.

mariovsdndAre you a gamer?

Yes. I do love video games, mostly the classics and I have a soft spot for Nintendo. I grew up with The Mario brothers in my living room TV everyday. My brother and I would work together to fight “King Koopa”, although now he’s called “Bowser”. Our friends would race us in Mario Kart, and later on we’d be shooting zombies in “House of The Dead”, for Sega Dreamcast.

So what’s your favorite game? I’m assuming you’ll say Mari0

Yes, super Mario Brothers 3; it’s one of my all time favorites. I also love like Pac man, and Halo.

So many games and not much time!

dracSo where can people learn more about you and your projects:

Ghoulardifest Oct 30,31,and Nov 1st.

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