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26 February 2018

Is Dr Who Sexist? Really!

Is Dr Who Sexist?

Well who really cares. The show is about science fiction and follows an archaic format that is over fifty years old. As such it is to be expected that the show would portray a male hero.  I believe John Barrowman has been the only companion who has appeared nude in the show and if the show was truly sexist we would be seeing alot more skin. I personally find the whole concept to be frustrating as I want people to argue about the things that matter in the show. For instance, Why are the bad ass Daleks always such idiots? How come the Centaurans, who are supposed to be the best soldiers in the galaxy, never use military tactics or strategy? Why do almost every alien we see seem like a version of some human society? Why is it ignored that Peter Cushing was The Doctor? He was after all, one of the best portrayals of Dr Who to ever be aired.

The questions could go on forever but ultimately what matters with Doctor Who is, are you enjoying the show? If you are then it is doing its job. So lets leave the social commentary in the trash. Watch the show for what it is meant to be, ENTERTAINMENT. Otherwise we will have to listen to a hundred hours on why the Doctor is pushing a rape culture agenda. I am tired of the bullshit whiners. Stop looking for evil in every corner and learn to enjoy the shows that you watch or better yet, stop watching them if they are offensive to you. More importantly, stop wasting my time telling me about how such and such is oppressing your sensibilities.

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