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21 February 2018

@IndieGamerChick to give away STEAM keys

THRILLION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIEGAMERCHICK GIFT 50 STEAM KEYS to the Greenlight community. We are super pleased to announce our mega 50 key giveaway competition over on Steam greenlight. Indie Gamer Chick is a twitter and twitch wizard and has joined up with Thrillion to gift 50 keys to her massive group of friends on twitter @IndieGamerChick and #GamesMatter. IndieGamerChick will also be working with Thrillion to show early access to the game as its charges towards it Steam launch. If you’d like to nab a key then fire up twitter and go say hi on Indie Gamer Chick’s channel.

Barbarian Brawl pits 20 angry barbarians in delectable slaughter served with the finest slice of meat players won’t find anywhere else. Choose from six gnarly characters (except for the beautiful Brunhilda) including the hard-hitting Barbarian, the meaty sponge known as Fat Bustard, the voodoo-sharpshooting Shaman, and more!

Barbarian Brawl features:
•      20 Player Online Brawls
•      High-definition bloody cartoon visuals made possible by the Unity 3D engine
•      Six ham-fisted characters ready to slaughter an entire village
•      A wide variety of weapons to choose from
•      Multiple maps with various traps… Mind where you step!

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