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22 February 2018

Hunter’s Lore looks promising

Lee Milewski brings us yet another great looking project, This time it is his graphic expose’ of fantasy. As with his other projects this one looks to be a grand experience with great art and a quality product. I spoke with Lee about Hunter’s Lore and he revealed some interesting tidbits that solidified my desire to back his project.

What exactly is Hunter’s Lore?

Hunter’s Lore is sort of my stamp on the medieval-fantasy genre, being told with 94 fully colored pages of comic art. I’m interested in sharing a more personal story than I’ve ever tried prior to, and feel that the main character of Rowan Black is a great opportunity for this. Of course, there’ll still be plenty of action and adventuring along the way.

Can you reveal something about this mysterious Knights of the Black Star?
The Knights of the Black Star are a group of well-trained guardians, essentially. They’ve been established for as long as people can remember, though in recent times have locked themselves away from the common folk’s problems. Rowan is a basic “soldier” within their ranks, though the details of this will be shared more within the book! 
What kind of experience are you drawing on to make this project a success?
There’s so many different bits of info that I’ve managed to take from past projects and use it for Hunter’s Lore, both on a Kickstarter campaign standpoint and the book/art itself. Since my last campaign, I’ve thought a lot about reward tiers and what people seem interested in, and just ditched the rest. It’s sort of a stripped down campaign in that regard.
The art itself has been a steady climb up from past work, but I think the main difference now is in the coloring. It’s more painterly, which is what I’ve always tried to achieve.
What can you tell us about your team?
I am actually my own team! I conceptualize, write, and illustrate Hunter’s Lore – and have done so for all of my Kickstarter projects. It’s a blast and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Any cool backer rewards that you feel are worth mentioning?
Besides the rewards that are obvious, such as the actual book itself, there are posters by fantastic artist friends that are available within the $50 tier and upwards; James Whynot and Zakuro Aoyama are two of them. These guys are way more talented than myself, so I’m super excited to have a few of my characters drawn by them.
There’s also original artwork tiers, which is probably the cheapest I could ever sell my pages at. These start at $70 and get better the higher you would go.
Since all kickstarters have a degree of risk, what assurances can you give your backers that the project will be on time?
This is always a great question and one that I feel most creators don’t ask themselves before starting a project. For myself, I have the confidence because I’ve already successfully launched and delivered on 3 projects prior to Hunter’s Lore, all of which required me to create the artwork for the books and manage my time accordingly. Also, a small portion of Hunter’s Lore is already completed.
Any final words?
Please consider checking out the book and becoming a backer, as independent creators truly rely on the comic community to launch newer books now. Of course, if you don’t wish to support financially – that’s fine too! Spreading the word is just as effective and it can carry Kickstarters a long way.

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