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12 December 2017

Healing Crisis

Once you have embarked on a healthier more positive lifestyle, you may find you experience more illness than previously. This can lead to some serious doubts about your healthy way of life but, generally, it can be explained by the phenomenon of the “Healing Crisis”.

When the body is stronger and healthier, it will begin to retrace the path of previous diseases in an effort to heal the problem area completely. Chronic symptoms can lie dormant until the body is strong and vital enough to cope with the healing, particularly if the symptoms have been suppressed in the past with drug therapy.

Usually, a healing crisis is short-lived but quite violent. For example, if you suffered bronchitis as a child and were always treated with medicine that suppressed your symptoms, you may develop an acute attack of bronchitis after a period of consistently improved nutrition, exercise, and herbal therapy. If you can support the body through this crisis with plenty of rest, herbal protocols, and a cleansing diet, the lungs will heal more thoroughly and be stronger than before the crisis.

This is not to say that every illness is a healing crisis. It is possible to catch viruses when our resistance is lowered through lack of sleep, emotional troubles, stress, and inadequate nutrition.

Remember also, that when you are on a health improvement program your body may be more sensitive and susceptible to food additives and other toxins in the environment and you may experience strong adverse reactions. Many “diseases” are symptoms of allergies.


Danny Dickerson
Lifestyle Nutrition/Wellness Coach
A Better Way of Life

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