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22 February 2018

Hanging out at TOTAL CONfusion 30

Over the past several days I spent my time as an industry guest at the best little gaming convention in America. I arrived on Thursday and ran into great game designers like Ben Gerber, Frank Mentzer, and Jeff Talanian. The TotalCon staff was working hard and looked stressed but as the day wore on they all seemed to fall into their rhythms and looked like they were having fun. As I ran into friends I introduced them to my new Meta-Game “Socially Unacceptable” and convinced them to give it a try. The game ran for four days and was so well received that I think the next step will be to actually print a copy for people to buy.


Thursday night was full of joy as we played Cards Against Humanity the Drinking Game. While I never played CAH sober, this even was a little more intense as it had set drinking parameters and I kept forgetting not to drink except when told to. The poor waitress walked up at the most inopportune moments and looked to be turning fifty shades of red. Drunk and staggering I made my way to a couple of late night parties and then fell into bed.

I awoke to a text message beeping on my phone reminding me to play a practical joke on one of the hosts of Mythwits. So I got my partner in crime up and we got him into a Pikachu costume and made our way through the hotel. Several patrons looked truly terrified as we passed them. The we entered room 115 and filmed the attack. Pikachu grabbed Mike Kafes and thoroughly molested him. All of this was caught on camera and the film will appear on an upcoming Mythwits episode. Mike, being a good sport, later told me that it was one of the best practical jokes ever played on him.




Friday was fill of games, the most memorable of which was Car Wars. As the eve descended upon us we prepared to film the Mythwits live Podcast. We had a few scheduling problems and technical problems but the show went off beautifully. Cody Pondsmith was interviewed by Blix and Mike about the upcoming Witcher RPG. Then Santa made and appearance. Finally Pikachu showed up and attacked Santa. Only the appearance of The Greatest American Hero was able to save the day. After pulling Pikachu off of Santa the poor beast seemed to spasm and tentacles appeared in his mouth. The crowd screamed something like “Pikathulu.” Following the strangeness Pikathulu went around the convention halls visiting kids and taking photos with fans including Mike Pondsmith. Friday night was a night of drinking and drinking and I think drinking. I witnessed dozens of strangers playing Socially Unacceptable and every one of them was smiling like lunatics. Watching friends who normally were happy to see me, suddenly backing up in defensive postures at my approach gave me a giggle. Soon though I found myself falling into slumber.


Saturday was another day and gaming, gaming, and more gaming. Stormtroopers from the 501st legion were making people very uncomfortable as they searched for rebel scum. I was only happy that those rebel terrorists didn’t blow anything up. I even got to hang with the ghost hunter, Andy Andrews. His lecture on the science behind investigating the paranormal was both interesting and informative. Saturday night I released my latest book, Killer Cocktails from Outer Space and then spent the next six hours visiting various small parties. The night ended by hanging with the gaming royalty that had chosen to visit the con this year. I was truly blessed to be apart of such a wonderful crowd of people.


Sunday was packing day and the long ride home. It was a sad day but throughout the drive I thought often of the people who made TotalCon possible. Steve and Angelia have turned TotalCon into a true event worth going to. If you are in New England next year in February, then you need to check out TotalCon.


One final note, I did discover one disturbing trend and must call it to your attention. People were dying. Animals were dying. Monsters were dying. I even witnessed vehicles being destroyed and property being burned. It all had one cause. Polyhedron dice. We must work to eliminate these high capacity dice. They truly are a danger to our society. Think of the children.



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