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21 February 2018

Guardians of the Galaxy ~ Review

Have you ever wondered what a team of bad guys in the Marvel Universe might look like on the big screen? I don’t mean villains, we all know what villains look like but how about a group of scoundrels? Look no further, Guardians of the Galaxy gives us a view of the underbelly of the universe. Our group of unlikely heroes consists of Starlord (I always disliked him in the comics), Gamora (Not what I expected), Groot ( he has two lines in the entire film), Drax the Destroyer (Predictable and boring), and last but not least Rocket Racoon (Violent, funny, and unpredictable). The Starlord of the big screen is kind of like Han Solo mixed with Indiana Jones. A scoundrel, liar, and thief who has a heart of gold. He simply needs to find it. Gamora is a killing machine whose desires to save billions is almost a hubris. Drax is so filled with anger and hate that he often comes across as nothing more than a beast. Groot is both funny and scary and has some of the best scenes in the movie. Finally we come to Rocket who is the heart and soul of this film. He carries it and he makes me want to see much much more. Gamora describes the group as, ”the biggest idiots in the galaxy.” I seem to remember the crew of Moya being describes by the same words and if you are a fan of Farscape, the similarity between Farscape and Guardians is striking.

A giddy soap opera quality full of smart ass remarks and slap stick humor makes this film more of a comedy than a comic book. At times all I could think of was The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. I had read somewhere that this film was a equal to the 1984 Buckaroo film and I could see it as the story unfolded. With the Iron Man movies we had some humor but not on the level this film takes it to. The film is filled with many nods towards other aspects of the Marvel Universe. We see characters from the recent Thor Film and the upcoming Avengers movie but best of all was some of the unlikely characters we see in the background. (I will not ruin the surprises.) I will have to watch the film several more times to catch them all but if you are a fan boy or girl then you really need to watch the background action.

The real genius of this movie is its over the top absurdity. If you have watched the Marvel films of recent years you will probably agree that they have been hot and cold. Some of them have nailed the comics and others have left us seriously disappointed. (Can we say “The Mandarin”?) Guardians of the Galaxy does not disappoint. It captures the flavor of the comic book and has be hoping to see a Starjammers film as a followup. The movie ends with the promise of something more. I only hope the second film can live up to the incredible adventure that the first film has given us.




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