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26 May 2017

Greetings from the Gypsy Pirate

Hello Nerd Rage News Readers,

After meeting up with Steve at Total Confusion 30, I have decided to jump in and start blogging for this site as well.

Some of you are likely asking, “Who is this Laura Nicole, Gypsy Pirate person?” Well, I’m a voice actor, writer, editor, producer, gamer and all around creative person. I have a podcast called Gypsy In The Attic where I interview other voice actors and self published authors to get perspective on the challenges and experiences of voice acting and promoting their work. You can find my show and other works at

Since I am a fan of many nerd-doms it makes sense that I want write about it when I have an experience or opinion on something. But talking nerdy doesn’t quite match with the theme of my website. Therefore, you all get to read my posts about whatever topics may catch my eye.

So now that I’ve introduced myself… let me get on to writing a little bit about an experience I had at Total Confusion 30.

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