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21 February 2018

Graal Seekers

The narrative RPG game Graal Seeker is starting a crowdfunding campaign. For 35 days, the Graal Seekers community will grow on Indiegogo. The initial goal of 10000 euros will allow Lugludum studio to set up a private alpha in November for the game. Discover some details about the universe and gameplay, much more content to discover and to be revealed on the campaign page.


Initial goal

This campaign is designed to help us focus only on Graal Seeker and give us the proper motivation to reach our goal: a private alpha in November.

We plan to release Graal Seeker in the first quarter of 2015.  But first, there will be a private alpha and a private beta. Funds of the campaign are allocated to materials such as graphics, stories, music, some hardware and communication. It will allow us to provide a good alpha release in November.

One of our first challenges is to build a strong community around Graal Seeker to help us improve the game even while it’s still in development. Making a great game will be another challenge, but we are pretty sure that we can get awesome results with all of you, especially during the alpha and beta phase!

Graal Seeker’s universe:

Graal Seeker’s universe is inspired by the Matter of Britain, which includes both historical and mythological literature associated with Great Britain, and many other well-known sources. While many stories about the Graal take place in the high middle ages, we chose to go back to the origins by choosing the early middle ages.

After Roman retreat from Britain, the Briton must face to Saxon invasion and Pictish raids. You will have to choose between 12 characters to achieve your quest for the Graal. Your quest may differ depending on the choice of the nation.


In Graal Seeker, you must complete three phases one after the other until you find the Graal or die.

The Exploration phase

The exploration phase allows you to choose where to go in a procedurally generated map. Would you rather tread a long, calm road or take a shortcut and face potential obstacles?

The Event/Dialogue phase

Different events happen according to your location (such as castle, village, and forest …) and your previous choices. Will the local lord welcome you? If not, how will you react? You will have to choose between maximum 4 choices per event. In a same event, different choices can appear since they are linked to your previous choices, skills, profile, team and inventory.

The Combat

And finally, battles will bring fast combat with a tactical dimension. But be careful not to die, because there is permadeath!

How does the combat work? You have a team of 1 to 4 people. Most of the time you have to kill your enemy but sometimes you will have to achieve other objectives such as deliver someone or survive multiple waves. All fighters will automatically attack when in range, but you will have the responsibility to move your team and to use their talents. A talent is a skill that can be passive or need to be activated.

Key features:

  • Unique stories based on the Matter of Britain.
  • Find Your Graal based on the choices you make.
  • Narrative game inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure book.
  • Fast real time tactical battles.
  • Procedurally generated events and maps.
  • Permanent death and persistent world.
  • Moddability, create and share you own Graal stories.

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