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21 February 2018

Ghost Recon Phantoms Steam Giveaway

I play Ghost Recon nearly every day and have done so throughout the many variations of the game over the years. The current generation of Ghost Recon is awesome, FREE, and has some of the best PvP action you will find on the internet. If you ever want to game with me look me up. My handle is Baalshamon or Grendyl depending on my mood. Now onto the cool news Ubisoft® announced today:

Today, Ubisoft® announced a three-day Steam giveaway weekend, along with major changes to the Ghost Recon Phantoms experience with game update 1.2, available now. Three months after launch, Ghost Recon Phantoms has improved its new user gameplay experience, increasing its responsiveness, improving balance and making the overall experience more rewarding.

Based on feedback and lessons learned from launch, update 1.2 brings with it a list of weapon rebalancing and reactivity changes from basic running and reloading to ready time and device recharging time. Part of ongoing improvements all this month, these changes deliver tactical depth and increased responsiveness to help players face-off against even the most seasoned veterans.

These big changes don’t stop at game play, newcomers can progress five times faster with bigger level-up rewards and take home competitive weapons in the first five hours of gameplay. Not only is it easier than ever to earn firepower and settle the score against veteran players, but it is also easier for starting players to learn at their own pace with the newly improved Beginner and Lieutenant’s Playlist. The Playlist allows them to train longer against each other before taking on seasoned veterans.

To celebrate these changes and welcome more friendly faces, Ghost Recon Phantoms has announced a special Steam offer for three days only. Download one free starter bundle every day from July 11 at 6pm UK Time until July 14 at 7.30am UK Time exclusively on Steam to receive up to three starter bundles (£24 value approx). Catching up is quick and easy with a bundle for each of the three classes for free!

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