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22 February 2018

Ghost Recon Phantom ~August giveaway

Today, Ubisoft® announced the Phantom Heist event for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms that will take place throughout the month of August. The event kicks off with a Steam giveaway this weekend, the launch of a new web comic series on August 6 and Mad Loot weekends, where up to approximately £23,700* worth of in-game items will be distributed each weekend this August. This fills me with great excitement as I play this game so fraking much that it has become a part of my nightly dream cycle. The gifts they gave out during the last steam giveaway were very nice and enhanced my gameplay. I am hopeful that with the new round of goodies I will be able to win some of that expensive gear that the pay to win guys are running around the board with.

Following the success of the Steam giveaway weekend, Ghost Recon Phantoms will offer a free downloadable package from 6pm UK Time on August 1 to 5am UK time August 4 that rewards players with a 30-day 100 percent boost. This will help players speed up their progression and increase their in-game income which can be used to purchase new weapons and gear.

Every weekend, Ghost Recon Phantoms will increase the amount of mystery boxes that are awarded at the end of every round. All tiers of boxes will appear more frequently, with the Gold box appearing 60 times more often. Each box has a chance of containing a limited edition weapon or one of the legendary weapons which are only available through boxes.

To delve further into the story behind Ghost Recon Phantoms, a new eight-part comic series will reveal the untold backstory and identity of the Phantoms. Starting on August 6 and running through September 24, a new chapter will be released every Wednesday that details the events that took place on each map and how they shaped the battle between the Ghosts and the Phantoms.

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