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22 February 2018

Get Your Game On And Win GX Gaming Gear

GX Gaming will be attending QuakeCon 2014, giving attendees a chance to check out and possibly win the latest GX Gaming gear at their booth in conjunction with Enermax: #242.

GX Gaming Series
The GX Gaming Series encompasses a full range of professional PC gaming peripherals. Designed for MMO, RTS, and FPS gamers, the GX Gaming Series includes diverse products such as 7.1-channel headsets, programmable keyboards and mice, and gaming speakers that deliver thundering bass.

Get Your Game On
Attendees will be able to get their game on at the GX Gaming booth on four high-end PCs, provided by AVATARGamingPC, fully decked out with GX Gaming gear such as the Manticore keyboard and award-winning Gila mouse.

Compete to Win
Visitors to the booth with also be able to experience GX Gaming’s latest speaker system, SW-G2.1 2000, at the interactive gaming TV station where attendees will be able to challenge one another and test their gaming skills to win swag, prizes and much more.

Genius invites all QuakeCon 2014 attendees to come by booth #242 to play around with, and perhaps win, its latest product offerings

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