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21 February 2018

Gaming with You as the character, part 2

Game night was not unusual except for the fact that I was going t be playing a character that is essentially me. Character generation went quickly and left me feeling quite inadequate. My attributes are average with the one exception, my awareness stat was a little higher than average. Then we got into skills and I wanted to say, “I know how to do this and that” but the game only takes into account skills that you really know. This means all of my trivia and knowledges have little impact. Next was our vanity picks. For me I chose not to have suffered cancer. This means my character won’t suffer from the need for medicine every fraking day. I also chose to be a little better with a couple of skills that may come in handy down the road. Now we were all done and ready to begin.

First of all I want to make it clear, I really don’t like the idea of my home being invaded by anyone or anything. Having the aliens from the game HALO invade my planet was not a happy day. Washington was gone, Baltimore gone, York gone. We luckily were in a rural area as the bombs started falling and energy blasts rained down from the sky. As the ex-military guy, I took charge and got our band of misfits to run. We ran deeper into the country and faced a running battle with aliens. People died all around us but we survived and my tactics kept us alive. That and a little bit of luck. What will we do next week? Who the hell knows. I am terrified of the prospect of facing another fight with three geeks watching my back.

You can read my character log if you want more details. Hopefully my character will survive another week. Overall, I give the opening adventure a thumbs up. It was fun and thrilling.


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