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21 February 2018

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies, a Kickstarter-funded documentary that explores the rapidly growing indie community, was released this week. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies offers an intimate and honest portrait of a diverse group of some of the most famous indie devs as they seek to create new experiences and find a place within this evolving art form. The film is the product of three years of shooting and interviews with John Romero ( Doom, Quake), Davey Wreden ( The Stanley Parable), Rami Ismail (studio Vlambeer), Zoe Quinn ( Depression Quest) and many more. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a feature documentary exploring the world of indie game developers – their craft, their games, their dreams, and how they have forever changed the landscape of games culture. Disrupting the big-budget industry, indie games have altered the art form through their innovative, varied and personal games.

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies features interviews with a mix of high-profile and up-and-coming indie developers and industry figures, including:

  • Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
  • Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable)
  • Christine Love (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • Trent Kusters (Armello)
  • Lucas Pope (Papers, Please)
  • John Romero and Tom Hall (id Software founders)
  • Nina Freeman (Code Liberation)
  • Jens Bergensten (Minecraft)
  • Richard Hofmeier (Cart Life)
  • Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest)
  • Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) and dozens more

 The film is currently available to purchase from Steam, iTunes, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Humble Store and

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