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23 February 2018

Flat Plastic Miniatures are the best new thing in tabletop gaming


Every now and then a Kickstarter comes along that is truly useful to gamers and even more useful to gamers that hit the convention circuit. This is one of those times. I cannot begin to count the number of cons I have gone to and wished that I could carry a bunch of figures for a game, but space and weight was too prohibative. Flat Plastic Miniatures fits that problem and will make my future cons, so much more enjoyable. Check it out:

The Flat Plastic Miniature (FPM) is similar to a cardboard pawn or papercraft mini, except that it’s  produced on thick transparent plastic. They are artistically pleasing without any white edges and can be used to create a library of miniatures OR supplement the existing miniatures you already have.

The cost to produce a traditional miniature is quite high, and generally only those miniatures that will get a LOT of sales will ever be made. But our product doesn’t have these concerns, and we can create any style or concept for a miniature we can imagine. This allows us to specifically address the “harder to find” items like villagers, bears, wolves, children, treasure chests, spiders, etc. Of course, we’ll be bringing along a slew of classic heroes, monsters and archetypes as well!


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