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24 February 2018

Five Tabletop Gamers I Truly Hate

Hate is a strong words but it is the word to best describe my feelings towards these types of gamers. Do you have gamers that you hate? If so be sure to comment and share your insights.

The Bored Dude

The Bored dude is the guy who seems to think that the game is simple a number crunching event. When he goes into combat he always uses the most damaging attack. He drolls on in a monotone voice that he is using the same attack over and over again. Every point he spend on developing the character is spent on making the character the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. This dude is boring beyond belief and has been the bane of my gaming experience.

The Plot Reaper

This the guy who believes that a simple skill roll or some money can solve any problem. You tell him the princess was kidnapped by bandits. He then tries to research the bandits expecting you to have all of their names, the names of their relatives, and personality quirks designed for each and ever one of them. Then when he has gathered said info, he hires someone else to do the rescue rather than risking his own life. How boring is that?

I do what he does

This is the guy who can’t think for himself. The minute one player says he is performing some kind of action, this guy says, “Oh yeah, I do that too.” He sees you going shopping and asks to see your equipment sheet. He then names off everything you bought and says that is his shopping list. This is lazy gaming and is one of those things that really piss me off.

The Blind Leading the Blind

These are the guys who know important information but never share it. You give out dozens of clues and they fail to share said clues with the other players. This forces the other players into making very stupid decisions. Ignorance is bliss if you live in a nursing home but if you are an adventurer, ignorance is death.The Fumbling AccountantThis is the worst sort of player. He is the guy who takes all of the notes, keeps track of all of the treasure, and is often considered the smartest guy at the table. Then when you need something he can’t find the note. His equipment sheets are never up to date and when you nail down what he is actually carrying, it is enough stuff to supply a platoon. Finally when you call him on it, he gets mad at you.

The Know it All

He has read the books, all of them. He knows the rules, all of them. He can cite verbatim exactly what it says on page 121 of the DMG. This guy is the worst of the worst. He is the rules lawyer and he will ruin your game faster than a tornado striking the house. If you game with this guy, please, please, please kick him to the curb. He is never welcome at my games.

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