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11 December 2017

Firefall is finally here

Red 5 Studios, Inc. announced today that Firefall, the open-world, massively multiplayer online (MMO) shooter, is officially available in North America, Europe, and Australia for the PC platform through Steam and

“We designed Firefall to be our dream game, and now the team at Red 5 Studios is humbled and thrilled to see this dream become a reality with the launch of Firefall today,” said James Macauley, CEO of Red 5 Studios. “Firefall is built from the ground up to be a true AAA MMO experience which allows players to explore a post-apocalyptic Earth through a well-narrated campaign and engage various threats through action-packed, skill-based combat.”

In Firefall, players will wage war against an invading force known as the Chosen. Outfitted with customizable military-grade battleframes, players will be able to collect resources and equipment as well as craft their own upgraded arsenal of weapons and abilities. Players will also have the ability to switch battleframes and explore a different play-style at their leisure without having to create a brand new character every time.

In addition to the campaign missions, quests, and dynamic world events, players will also have the opportunity to challenge one another on a brand-new PvP continent. Known as the Broken Peninsula, players will be able to engage other players in an attempt to secure valuable resources and territory control. Firefall is completely free-to-play, with opportunities to purchase cosmetic and convenience upgrades. Special Firefall Launch Packs are available for purchase, which include items ranging from an exclusive multiplayer vehicle to a digital soundtrack and a concept art-book.

Special Launch Packs:
Digital Deluxe Edition – $99.99
–       Exclusive 2-person all-terrain vehicle
–       All 11 available advanced battleframes unlocked
–       Exclusive battleframe warpaint
–       90 days of VIP membership
–       200 Red Beans (for in-game purchases)
–       Downloadable soundtrack and concept art booklet
–       Two exclusive in-game titles

Digital Starter Pack – $29.99
–       Exclusive battleframe warpaint
–       100 Red Beans (for in-game purchases)
–       30 days of VIP membership
–       Downloadable soundtrack and concept art booklet
–       An exclusive in-game title

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