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21 February 2018

February’s Cosplayer Of The Month

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Amanda Lee

Fluttershy 1

Hey! My name is Mitsuki from Mitsuki Cosplay, I’ve been cosplaying for just under a year and it’s been a really great adventure. My first anime convention was back in 2013 at Anime North where I got really inspired to start cosplaying and by the next year, I did! I cosplayed Luke Megurine and Fluttershy. It was a lot of fun and I have taken cosplay on as one of my more serious hobbies ever since. My cosplay closet has expanded to around ten costumes and my wig collection has slowly grown over time. I started my cosplay page in September of 2014 and it has been amazing watching it grow and it’s a great place for me to share my cosplay work that I’ve come to love a lot.

Mitsuki is an amazingly talented cosplayer and I am sure you will all enjoy getting to know her better. Here is our interview.


Your Name and Alias

My name is Amanda but my main cosplay alias is Mitsuki~ and sometimes I go by Taiyou!

How long have you been cosplaying?

I’ve been cosplaying for a little over a year now! Ever since Anime North 2013!

What inspired you to start?

One of my really good friends introduced me to cosplay two years ago and I was really fascinated by the way people could make 2D characters come to life. I loved how cosplayers got so creative with their work and how they made their costumes. All these other amazing cosplayers eventually inspired me to start working on my first costume. After Anime North 2013, that’s when I decided that I needed to cosplay. The sheer amount of cosplay perfection just got me so stoked to try getting my first cosplay together.

Sandplay 3

What was your first cosplay experience?

Two years ago, before Anime North 2013, I decided I wanted to try making a pikachu hat to wear at the convention. So I got my materials together, cut everything out and used my sewing machine for the first time. I’m a crafter and artist but I had never made anything like a hat before. It was so different and I really fell in love with making things I could wear to show off my fangirl pride.

What do you find a challenge with cosplay?

One of my biggest challenges in cosplay is when friends and family that are not familiar with cosplay find out about my hobby and ask me about it, I never know how to explain it. I get scared because I feel like they won’t accept it and think it’s ‘weird’. It’s hard to talk to non-cosplayers about it because they have usually never heard about something so bizarre.

What is the most enjoyable part of cosplay for you?

For me, my favourite part of cosplay is when I finish an entire cosplay or collect all the pieces for a cosplay and I get to try the entire costume on for the first time. Looking in the mirror after putting it all on fills me with so much happiness and excitement. It’s the moment where I realize how much work I’ve put into the costume and how worth it that it all was. Hours and hours of slaving over the costume and I finally get to see it all together for the first time is definitely the most enjoyable thing about cosplay.


Have you made any lasting friends because of cosplay?

I’ve met so many friends because of cosplay. Amazing and talented people who I’d love to work with again or cosplay with in the future. I actually met one of my closest friends (and now, boyfriend) at Anime North 2014 because of cosplay and he’s been such a big part of my life ever since. Because I met him, I got to meet other really great people and I can’t even begin to imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t met him there.

Do you plan on continuing cosplaying for years to come?

Definitely! It’s just the beginning and I can’t wait to meet even more people and cosplay even more characters!


What is one or two characters that you want to do but haven’t yet?

I have a huge list of characters that I will definitely want to cosplay in the future but a few are Sinon (SAO2), Shimakaze (Kantai Collection) and Popstar Ahri (League of Legends).

If you had to choose one costume to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I had to choose one costume, it would definitely be Generation Sona. Not only is it super cute and comfortable, but I am in love with Girls Generation and having an excuse to wear their Genie outfit every day is a chance I would never pass up.

Sandplay 9 (1)

What is your favorite Convention? (FanExpo, Comicon, Anime Con….) and why?

My favorite convention, by far, is Anime North. There are just so many people and so many amazing cosplays that every time I go, I get overwhelmed. It’s the perfect place for me to find my fellow K-pop fans and of course anime lovers. But the amount of beautiful cosplays I see ever year is definitely the biggest reason as to why I love Anime North so much. They get bigger, better and more creative every year and it’s so much fun to see everything.

What would you say to someone who knows nothing about cosplay but is asking why you do it?

Cosplay to me is a way that I can transform into a new person. Walk in someone else’s shoes. I’m not just Amanda anymore. I’m Mitsuki. A cosplayer. When I put on a costume; I’m a new person. I get to be Fluttershy, Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Sona, Mikasa or Ryuko Matoi. I can be whatever I want to be and whoever I want to be. Things that aren’t real, I can be those things. It’s just a matter of creativity and determination. However, costuming aside, cosplay is still an amazing way for me to meet people and gain confidence in who I am.


Would you want to get everyone you know into cosplay or do you rather keep it a separate thing?

I would definitely want everyone to get into cosplaying. The more, the merrier! Cosplaying can definitely build confidence and self-confidence can do amazing things. It makes one accepting with who they are and happy to be in their own skin. Cosplay isn’t an exclusive hobby, anybody can cosplay, and I have no right to just keep it a secret! Everyone should cosplay and I definitely encourage everyone to at least try it.

Fluttershy 3

Do you have plans for your next convention?

My next convention will be Frostcon! I will be cosplaying Mikasa from Attack on Titan in the morning and afternoon. At night, I will be cosplaying Generation Sona from League of Legends! Come find me and say hi! Other than Frostcon, I hope to attend March Toronto Comiccon, Anime North and Conbravo, as well as some other events in between.

Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with fellow cosplayers?

1. If you’re scared to cosplay a character, don’t be! It’s supposed to be fun! If you love the character, then do it!

2. Cosplay in groups! Everything is more fun when you get to share it with someone else! It’ll create unforgettable memories!

3. Don’t use hot glue for everything 😉

4. Work slowly! Don’t rush everything before the con! Stay prepared and organized because you don’t want your costume to be sloppy. You won’t be happy with it. So take your time, plan ahead and don’t rush it!

5. Definitely wear makeup! Your cosplay is definitely something you wouldn’t wear everyday so your beautiful face has to stand out! Makeup is also helpful if people plan to take photos of you, no more awkward shiny faces!


Please list the genres you’re into.

Anime, K-Pop, Gaming, TV Shows, Manga, Comics, Books

Tell us a little more about you!

Outside of being a cosplayer, I’m an artist, dancer and high school student. I enjoy Math, Science and English the most out of all my high school courses and I also have a slight obsession with nail polish, bags and makeup.

Do you have anywhere online I can send people to check out your cosplay adventures?

YES! I have a Facebook page as well as Instagram, DeviantArt and World Cosplay accounts!

I am also a part of a cosplay group called Two Love Cosplay Team! We have a Facebook page, Youtube channel and DeviantArt!

Thank you Amanda for taking the time out to tell us your story. I will sure be keeping my eye on your pages to see what you cosplay next.

Remember to check in with us next month for another talented Cosplayer! Cosplay On!!

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