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26 February 2018

FanExpo Toronto

The last weekend in August, Toronto was host to the biggest nerd convention in Canada! Fans of comics, movies, TV, shows, books, manga, anime, cosplay and more all gather together for four amazingly fun days at the Toronto Metro convention center. This year was bigger than ever, gathering over 125,000 guests. Personally I spend the whole year thinking and planing my costumes. I do it for the fun of it but there is some amazing cosplayers that really take it to the next level. As a photographer this is what I enjoy the most. Getting pictures and talking with the people who really put their hearts into making their costumes. Some cosplayers even wear a different costume for each day! Then we have the fun of meeting some of our favorite stars. My first time at FanExpo I got to bump into Christopher Loyd at the elevator. Even though I was totally star struck and I’m not sure what words came out of my mouth, it was an awesome experience to see Doc Brown right there in front of me. I grew up watching the Back to the Future movies and Doc was a huge a role model for me. These once in a lifetime experiences are very common at the con.



  I arrive at the convention around 10 am. Driving around the block towards the parking garage I see thousands of people lined up all around the building. Some are dressed in elaborate costumes and others are just wearing their normal street clothes. I feel excitement tingeing in my whole body! What awesomeness will we experience this year. After we find a parking spot in the almost full underground lot we park and start the journey towards the entrance gates. Like most guests we had already purchased our tickets before hand and have a paper to scan. There is a long line up but it moves quickly. Getting there at opening means waiting behind the guests that started lining up at sunrise. The line seems intimidating but really once the doors open it’s not long before the crisp cool air of the convention hall bursts you in the face as you enter the big double doors and take your first look around at all the awesomeness. When you enter the convention its an overwhelming experience. Witch way first? What do we want to see? Where do we go now?  As an experienced convention goer I know the best thing to do is get the lay of the land. Even though I’ve studied the site map there is much more experiencing it with your eyes. The retail booths all lined up with exciting items and rare finds. You want to see it all! I take a walk down the main aisles always looking for cosplayers. By the time we get in to the retail floor I’ve already photographed a bunch of cosplayers. There is so much to see and artist ally is a must! Walk through and take a good look at the art. Some of the real artists are lined up and ready to meet you. A short line and a few dollars and you can have your favorite artist signature and a special moment you’ll always treasure. There is always a Hasbro area to check out. They have cool games and statues set up to enjoy. This year was Adventure time, Transformers, Lego Movie and My little Pony. We got to play with some Lego and see some masterful Lego creations including Smaug the dragon from the Hobbit, President Business from the Lego Movie. FanExpo2014 135

Big Hero 6

FanExpo2014 028


  FanExpo2014 040


    Then there is the coolest Bat mobile ever. It was a huge master piece! The pictures can’t quite capture the true magnificence of this vehicle.   FanExpo2014 016   The adventure continues as we take our time walking through the crowds. Before Lunch on Thursday and Sunday morning is the best time to shop! The con is not yet packed and you can feel more free to browse the awesome products for sale. I found an original 1970’s Bat Girl on her bat bike, with side car, still in the box mint condition! I almost fainted. batgirl_cycle   Whatever it is that gets your nerd going you can find it here. BigB comics has a huge Booth I would call it a block. They were selling $2 comics and as much manga as a girl like me can handle. I always make sure we buy something from them as they are our local Comic book store. So yes there is a lot of really cool things you can buy at the con but that’s not all! Meeting some of your favorite stars is the big pull for most fans. This year was another epic year for star-studded guests. Sir Patrick Stewart, Elijah Wood, Adam West, Burt Ward, William Shatener and more. The man who played Freddie in those Friday the thirteenth movies, Robert Englund was there and very popular. The line up for his signature was out into the aisles. The Dr Who following was impressive too. Matt Smith and Aurthor Darvill were the cause of much fuss for all the Dr Who Fans.  There was a long line of ladies waiting to see Ian Somerhalder. Stan Lee was there as usual the legend behind Marvel, as if you need that explained. Nathen Fillion was there again. He still has his loyal fans of FireFly, man Netflix has to get on bringing back that one for us. Stephan Amell from the awesome show Arrow. The walking dead cast was there Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Michael Rooker, and Laurie Holden. People really loved that show. It was to freaky for me but I appreciate that so many people loved the show it must have been amazing. Hulk Hogan was there again this year but I didn’t see him once. Last year I ran right into him going into to the convention from the valet parking area. Very nice guy! I was looking forward to seeing Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro) VOTE FOR PEDRO!! But I never crossed paths with them. I guess you can’t have it all. The stars this year were very good, Adam West was a favorite of mine I loved the 70’s Batman show it was so great.  The highlight for me was when I got to meet with Sir Patrick Stewart. My family and I paid for a PHOTO OPP. It was $90.00 and we had to wait in line for over an hour to get 60 seconds with him but it was worth it. We have a lovely Family portrait with uncle Patrick now to treasure. If your thinking of doing this kinda thing I say its only worth it if you really love the star. It’s a lot of waiting and money and your don’t get much time with them so make sure its worth it to you.


 My husband and I with our oldest son and Sir Patrick Stewart

The whole Experience is different for each person. The main point I wish to share is how much fun it is to go to the conventions and talk to other people who are somehow obsessed with the same stuff as you.  We get home feeling completely exhausted and fulfilled. It’s a lot of fun and very exciting and always makes us say ” I can’t wait for next year!!”

Here is a look at some of the cool people I had the awesome privilege to meet at the Convention this year.

    FanExpo2014 054                                                        FanExpo2014 052   Black Widow and  Black Ops dudes                                                                                           Black Widow   10303444_10152685617194586_1359602783207697334_n

 SpiderMan and Black Cat, She keeps him on a short leash!

  FanExpo2014 158

                     Ruby (Red Riding Hood) and Cyrus (Pokemon Team Galactic)

    FanExpo2014 036

Wolverine, R2D2 and Bumblebee

                                                                                                                                   FanExpo2014 118

Wolverine, Bumblebee and Spiderman

      FanExpo2014 126

Amazing Poison Ivy

                             FanExpo2014 007

Magical Girls* KyokoSakura and Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica

    FanExpo2014 106

Perfect Maleficent  

    FanExpo2014 064

                      League of legends Caitlyn and Ezreal

    FanExpo2014 017

Batman and Robin got in a scrap with a Call of Duty soldier

  FanExpo2014 066


  FanExpo 467 - Copy


  FanExpo2014 011

Father and Son on Ice Kings Throne ( Adventure Time)

    FanExpo2014 004

Xena Warrior Princess

FanExpo2014 123

Beautiful Neytiri  from Avatar

FanExpo2014 139


FanExpo2014 130

look at that Armour

FanExpo2014 125

Cat Woman

FanExpo2014 114

Leeanna Vamp with her adoring fans

Thanks Everyone!

Now we prepare for the Comicon Convention in March. If I’m lucky there will be a few in between like Hamilton. Keep posted with us and always feel free to send me your story and pictures and maybe you will be featured as our special Cosplayer of the month.

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