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26 February 2018

Ernie Gygax gives us Sammi-Zowa

Story-time in the house of Gygax is not something to laugh at. If you were there you might discover that it is a time full of adventure. The Gygax legacy is strong and passing stories onto the Grandchildren of Gary Gygax is an important task. The power of a good story can always inspire a child to become a better person later in life and can help him to understand the world that he lives in. While interviewing Ernie Gygax a few weeks back, he offered me a copy of his children’s book. I was skeptical but accepted graciously as it was a gift. Children’s books are usually so boring and rarely leave a lasting mark these days.

Sammi-Zowa Versus the Dueling Dragons proved to be the exception. The story is great and will not disappoint anyone who is into a good fantasy story.  I had a digital copy of the story on my IPad and I spent the hours over several evening reading it to my grand-kids. Ernie did a top notch job by giving us a fictional Feudal Japan and a hero that will go on to defeat not one but two dragons. I was enthralled by the lessons about the meaning of Bushido and life itself. Ernie told me last month that he came up with the story while his children were quite young. He used the story to inspire a sense of wonder and adventure in his kids.

I advise you to read it aloud when you dive into this adventure. The prose is such that it sound much better when articulated than just looking at it on paper or the computer screen. The dialog between our hero and the many people he meets along the way is perfect and reminded me of the stories I read about King Arthur in my own childhood. The story teaches things like morals and values that are often lacking in households today. Furthermore it introduces us to the concepts of talking swords, dragons, and magic. A perfect primer for a young mind that you want to groom for joining your Dungeons and Dragons adventures later in life.

I would love to see this story performed on an audio CD by someone with a good British accent and I hope that Ernie will take this hint and make it so. If you are interested in a great children’s story to read to your kids or grand kids then this is the book for you. I wish more authors were putting out stuff like this. If you are interested in getting your own copy you can do so for $17.99 at GP Adventures.

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