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26 February 2018

Drew Ford’s Speculate

Drew Ford is working on a new comic book inspired by all kinds of sci-fi goodness. A series of stories with good art and plots to die for, Drew Ford’s Speculate looks very promising. He is running a crowd funding project to make it happen, so go check it out. Here is a taste of what the comic has to offer.


This first issue focuses on the genre of science fiction, and contains seven stories.

1. THE COVER UP (illustrated by Tony Lorenz & Larry Blake)
Aliens are real…and you won’t believe just how deep THE COVER UP goes!

2. AND EVEN THE PEOPLE ARE FORGOTTEN (illustrated by Russ Miller)

In the far flung future, one zookeeper tries to save some very familiar animals!

3. THE PARABLE OF TWO MARTIANS (illustrated by G.M. Danzey)

Life lessons can be rather tough…especially on the surface of Mars!

4. ONE (illustrated by Chris Eisert)

An extraterrestrial struggles with the fate of ONE human child.

5. THE COST OF FREEDOM (illustrated by Helmut Eppich)
People love to fight…and hate.  Both now, and in the future.


6. UNIQUE (illustrated by Yul Tolbert)

What if the artificial life we create doesn’t want to live?


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