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22 February 2018

Download our best XCOM 2 custom characters: Kylo Ren, Gaben, and more

XCOM 2 is finally out, and the race to take back Earth from the aliens is on. But we have priorities at PC Gamer, and any destroyed alien civilization is a total wash unless it’s done by an absurd cast of characters. Conveniently, XCOM 2 heavily expands on the soldier customization options, facilitating both the creation of chilling ma-and-pa doppelgangers and pop culture caricatures—like The Dude from The Big Lebowski (joint included) or Geralt, our favorite ponytailed Witcher. And like every dumb thing on the internet, these characters are worth sharing. Have a gander, but feel free to take our soldiers for a test drive if you like.

Below each mugshot is a link where you can download the character pool file that includes the pictured soldier. Or get if now, if you want to be surprised. If you’re not sure how to import custom soldiers or how to make and share your own, check out our guide for detailed instructions. Not sure if XCOM 2 is for you? Read our review here. We liked it. A lot.

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