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26 February 2018

Demon Crusade is coming to

Coming soon to the burgeoning portal, Demon Crusade is a new MMORPG that fuses everything good about Eastern and Western culture – with a devilish twist!

Players embark on a journey through Devil Land as they strive to protect the Demon Temple from destruction. Ancient myths, lost mechanical civilizations, smooth combat and a side-scrolling adventure all await on the quest to becoming the savior of the underworld. Who will be forever remembered as Great Devil?

Devil Land is filled with different breeds of devils and demons, and with the Great Devil mysteriously missing the devils are now faced with their biggest crisis yet: the Demon Temple could be destroyed at any time. Chairman Wagnard’s daughter, Pandora, set out on the road to fine the Great Devil and restore balance, but upon reaching Ryan Town of the Western Frontier found a strong new warrior with great potential – you.  After accepting her invitation to join the devil’s council and swearing an oath to help them control their fate, the journey to becoming the Great Devil begins. To get there players must chase devil hunters, complete the trials of the Demon Temple and come face-to-face with the mysterious summoner.

Players can choose from three character classes: the fierce Warrior, agile Gunner or wise Mage. Each class comes with unique attributes, abilities and gear, and rich class settings encourage players of different types to team up and tackle Demon Crusade’s challenges together.

As the story unfolds, players will tame and recruit from a choice of over 40 unique demon partners, each with their own class and appearance. Train them up through branching skill trees, carefully consider battle formations, and players can soon put together a formidable team capable of protecting – and even dominating – the entire underworld.

Meanwhile, gamers can enjoy a host of exhilarating free-to-play MMORPG’s – including the recently released Endless Fury and Dragon’s Wrath – by registering for a Game321 account.

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