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24 February 2018

December’s Cosplayer of the month

December’s Cosplayer of the month was… Anna Farr
Anna is a truly fascinating person! I couldn’t have asked for a better Person to wrap up this year. Anna works at a software engineering company, she is a Cosplayer, a Gamer and even a published writer.  Her photo’s speak for themselves. Here is our interview.
So lets start with your name and Alias — Anna Farr alias Farrocious
How long have you been cosplaying? 2 years.
What inspired you to start? My brother.
What was your first Cosplay experience? Anime North 2012, and I went as Alice from American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns. I was told by several people that I resembled her!
What do you find a challenge with Cosplay? The greatest challenge is to put down every detail, from make-up to the smallest accessories, to look almost identical to the character.
What is the most enjoyable part of Cosplay for you? The entire experience of dressing up as somebody you love, and others appreciating it.
Have you met any lasting friends because of Cosplay? Yes! I have met a few “Cosplay Senpais” and I love them to death. We hang outside of cons as well.
Do you plan on continuing cosplaying for years to come? Most definitely. I love art and expression with a passion, and this form of creativity is definitely one that clicks with me.
What is one or two characters that you want to do but haven’t yet? I would love to dress up as Elizabeth from BioShock, crossplay Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke, and a female version of Jotaro Kujo from JoJo!
If you had to choose only one costume to wear for the rest of your life what would it be? Easy! I would be Lightning forever 🙂
Your the first Cosplayer to say that was an easy question! I always think there is one Cosplay we all love over the rest!
What is your favorite Convention? (FanExpo, Comicon, Anime Con….) and why? I love both Comicon and Anime North equally because I tend to dress up as characters that are not from Anime, but enjoy looking at other cosplayers who dress up as Anime characters because I watch and have watched TONS of Anime!
What would you say to  someone that knows nothing about Cosplay but is asking why you do it? It is like Halloween that takes place several times of the year! It is another form of art and expression, and the community in which it is represented is great, welcoming, inclusive and significantly growing. There are others who share the same interests so why not seek them out and make more friends and memories?
Would you want to encourage friends or family to get into cosplay? It is up to them. I would rather they appreciate and enjoy it alongside me. If they also get into cosplay, then that’s even better, because now we can share experiences and memories together.
Do you have plans for your next convention yet? Yes! I am attending FrostCon and then Anime North. I’ve already decided and am working on my costumes!
Do you have any tips or trick you would like to share with fellow Cosplayers? The best trick, in my opinion, is to find a character you can relate to in some way. Furthermore, when it comes to cosplaying, it is best to NOT buy pre-made costumes as the quality will always be lacking. Create or buy parts separately, so that you can even wear your cosplays casually! For example, when I dressed up as Irisviel from Fate/Zero, I bought a similar colour dress shirt, modified it, and now am wearing it to work for the holidays! It is the best way to reuse them and not feel as though you spent lots of money on something you cannot even wear outside of cons.
 What are you Favorite Geek Genres? First and foremost, I absolutely love gaming. I love action-adventure RPGs, JRPGs, First Person Shooters, Hack and Slashes and Fighting games. For my Anime and Manga, I love shounen, psychological thrillers and horror!
What else can you tell us about yourself?
I am also a writer and have published a Trilogy which was inspired by the anime and games I have played in my life. Apart from cosplaying, watching anime and playing games, I also have a deep passion for writing, and I also work for a software engineering company that specializes in the healthcare industry, in which I have successfully started and now manage an insider Anime Club 🙂
Do you have anywhere online I can send people to check out your Cosplay adventures?
Yes, here’s a link to my Facebook page: Facebook: Farrcos
Thank you So Much Anna for sharing your story with us. You are a perfect example of cool cosplay chick that we are looking for here. We wish you happiness and success in 2015!
Well Readers that’s it for 2014! A new year has begun and that means 12 new cosplayers to meet! I look forward to another adventurous year!
If you or someone you know loves to Cosplay please enter to be a Nerd Rage News Cosplayer of the month. It’s easy and we are looking for Cosplayers at every skill level.  Just send in  5 or more pictures and a short Bio to the email below. I can’t wait to see all the new Cosplay this year!
Thank you for a great first year readers! Cosplay on!
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