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21 February 2018

December’s Cosplayer Of The Month

December’s Cosplayer Of The Month Is….


Spider Gwen

1. What is your name and do you have an Alias?

Greydi, however I usually go by Grey in person. My cosplay name is Spider Gwen Cosplay. I came up with this name mostly because this character actually got me back into cosplaying after a rough patch in my life.

2. How long have you been cosplaying?

Roughly seven years, however I didn’t start getting serious about it till these past two years.

Time to feed the croc

3. What was is or who inspired you to start?

Comics. I was and still am absolutely in love with comic books, more specifically Batman. I love the designs of the villains and of the Dark Knight himself. At one point in time I ended up cosplaying all the Gotham Sirens! So comics and Batman is what truly hooked me into cosplay.

4. Tell us about your first Cosplay experience?

My truest first cosplay experience was in middle school rather than at a con believe it or not! Two of my best friends and I thought it would be a great idea to cosplay as team eight from Naruto for costume day. I was dressed as Kiba and had a total blast. We all gathered together to learn how to sew our makeshift costumes. I even went to the thrift store to buy look alike sandals. To be honest we were some pretty janky closet cosplayers but we had so much fun it boiled down to just being together and enjoying cosplaying as our favorite characters! And since Naruto was relatively popular at the time our team cosplay got a lot of positive attention as well as negative. It turns out this set up actually introduced us into the cosplay world.



5. What is a challenge you find with Cosplay?

Oh gosh to pick one I think its posing for me. I’m pretty sure I’m a photographers nightmare! I can’t make graceful faces to save my life! Though I find I am fairly flexible in creating similar poses to comic book characters, which is a challenge since artists don’t necessarily pose their characters the same way they would a human being. My biggest challenge? Derp faces. 

6. What is the most enjoyable part of Cosplay for you?

There are so many wonderful things about Cosplay! Tacking it down to one is difficult, I’d have to say hanging out with my fiancee and friends at convention and meeting those with the same interests as me is the most enjoyable. I’ve met some incredible people and got to experience so many amazing things this past year thanks to cosplay!




7. Have you met any lasting friends because of Cosplay? Describe one.

Yes! I’ve actually made several amazing people through cosplay. Primal Eyes aka Lady Zero is probably the one that stands out the most as she is one of my best cosplay friends now and it all started out from requesting a simple commission on tumblr!

8. Is Cosplay now a life time hobby for you?  Or say maybe Addiction?

Hm, I don’t know about lifetime or addiction, but I’d love to be able to continue cosplaying all my favorite characters as a fun past time and hobby till maybe my thirties. Then I think it would be my time to settle down and start expanding my horizons into other creative areas! Personally in the future I’d love to start writing novels and possible make my own anime series!

Spider Gwen 2

9. What is one or two characters that you want to do in the future?

Oh my gosh! I’ve been dying to do Batman from the Dark Knight. I’m a HUGE Batman nerd and I’d love to be able to craft a super detailed and specific suit to me. It will be so amazing! The other costume I’d love to do is Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere! She’s actually in the works right now and will more than likely be debuted next year! So keep an eye out for that!

10.  If you had to choose only one costume to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?

My Spider Gwen hands down! Its super comfortable and I can wear a mask or go out and about with a wig and still be in character! The best part f this costume other than me absolutely adoring the character is no worries about derp faces!

Mad Moxxi

11. What makes your decision on who you decide to Cosplay? EG:(Difficultly body match or do we look a like?)

Honestly I go with what I like and how much I enjoy a character more than anything. I really don’t look at body type, look a likes or gender as something to hold me back. If I feel a certain connection to the character that’s ultimately what decides what I cosplay.

12. Some People Don’t Understand why you do it. How do you answer them?

Whenever I’m asked this question I like to say that it’s just like any other hobby! It’s for fun! It’s also a good way to meet new and amazing people as well as experience new things!

Freddy 2

13.  Who do you hope to inspire?

My sights are set pretty high… I hope to inspire the world! I want to get in touch with people and make new friends and strike an impact in the cosplay community. My biggest hope is to inspire any cosplayer or rather anyone to make this world a much more pleasant place through spreading love and positivity, creating more movements for charity and helping out hospitals and blood drives through cosplay! Its an ambitious goal but one I hope to achieve!   

14.  Do you have plans for your next convention yet?

Oh yes! After much talk my fiancee and I plan to hit NDK 2016 as our awesome Spiderman Duo and possible feature Gwendolyn and Oswald!


15.  What are some insider tips or tricks you would like to share with fellow Cosplayers?

The best piece of advice I can offer any cosplayer is be kind to each other and to always be aware of your surroundings and the people you’re around. I’ve seen this community go up and down and while the majority of it is relatively safe and filled with fantastic people there are times you will encounter others that are just plain toxic. Always know that it’s okay to say no especially if you’re uncomfortable around anyone. So many people think that they won’t be liked or won’t get that amazing cosplay modeling career because they don’t do what other photographers or cosplayers or fans want. They can prey on that insecurity, I just say stay safe out there and don’t set yourself up for that kind of bull. Stand up for yourself and do what you think is right.

16.  Can you explain how you feel in your Costume?

Completely amazing! I always feel incredibly confident in my cosplays! Sometimes I even like to get into character for some of them. For instance as Freddy Krueger you’d be amazed by what a simple head tilt in the direction of a person will do to that person. The reactions are priceless and finding fans of the same fandom is great. Being in costume just makes it ten times more fun!


17.  What other fun things are you into?

Hm. Video games is probably one of the biggest things I’m into, along with comics, cosplay and writing like I’ve mentioned before. When I’m not being a lazybones with that, I’m helping out with blood donations, training my sweet Australian shepherd (Her name is Bella!) and doing my every day job at the Mortuary! (Yes you read that right.)

18.  Have you had any funny or interesting stories from cosplaying?

I’m not entirely sure if this counts but its an incredible story to me. One year at PAX I managed to mingle my way into Markipliers circle before his fan meet up. Completely on a whim I just happened to be walking next to him. Mark is a great guy mind you, funny, talented and absolutely hilarious. Anyway I introduced myself and asked about his channel and mentioned enjoying how he’s helped so many people through his charity live streams. We talked briefly about blood donation and go figure right as we were about to part ways (I had a panel I was wanting to go to) we go to shake the others hand and say goodbye and I spit on him by accident. YEP. A completely dorky moment from trying to say my words to fast. Way to go me, sooooo smooth. It was taken in stride and was really no big deal but yep. That’s the story of the most ridiculously hilarious and embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me while at a convention.

Mad Moxxi 2

19.  Now that you have experience, what can you say to first timers that are nervous about losing their Cosplay virginity?

Please, please, please don’t get caught up in trying to be perfect! Most new cosplayers can be relatively intimidated by wanting to cosplay a character they enjoy when there is someone else who they think looks better. Know its not a competition and that cosplay, at least to me, is about fun. Don’t feel that if you don’t have ‘item 1’ or ‘item 2’ that your cosplay won’t be any less amazing than someone else’s. The best thing to do is to just not compare yourself to others and take pride in your own costume! Have your own style! Create what you want! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Cosplay is there as a hobby and for fun and its what makes up most of this fantastic community! So don’t be shy or nervous, do what you are most comfortable with!


20.  Where can we look to find more of your Cosplaying?

You can find me on Facebook  at

Thank you for sharing with us and we look forward to all the cool new cosplays to come. Keep up the good work.

Check back next month for the first Cosplayer of 2016! See you next year! Cosplay On!

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