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21 February 2018

Deadstone: The Battle for Mars has begun

A week or so ago I interviewed Daithi from Timeslip Softworks about his new game, Deadstone. Well now I have had a chance to play the game that Timeslip Softworks supplied me. The game starts our with some cut screen images and narration about the plague that has turned mars into a zombie wonderland. I would have preferred a video but the artwork was not bad and it gets you into the mind-frame you need to be in to survive.

Then you get into character design where you have few options other than the choice of game difficulty and character name. I really got a kick out of the difficulty levels and chose to try “I AM DEATH, DESTROYER OF WORLDS”. Well the game was over rather fast. I survived three rounds of intense combat and lost all of my colonists.

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When the game begins you assume the role of Blake, a private security operative who crash lands near the colony of Deadstone after fleeing an outbreak on the Icarus space station. Your job is to shoot infected zombie-like monsters as they try to get past you to eat the colonists. So the game is essentially a tower defense with shooter action added in for good measure. While I shall always prefer a FPS game this one was rather fun. I played the game on all five levels and found that only at the two highest difficulties did the game begin to become challenging.As the game progresses you gain access to better gear and can improve your character’s stats. I truly felt like I was playing an old Atari game while grinding my way through the infected and the game did manage to get my adrenaline pumping.

Overall the game does what it is suppose to. It entertains. For the first game by Timeslip Softworks, I think the did a pretty good job and can see the potential of their future projects. I can see playing this while sitting in an airport or doctor’s office on an IPad. I plan on letting my grand-kids try it out the next time they visit. As the rounds are fast, it is perfect for entertaining young minds. The game may soon be on STEAM as well but that may be up to you. I intend to try the two person mode with them and may report more later.

Here is some info on the game from the Deadstone Website:

The Battle for Mars Begins!

Deadstone, the first game by Timeslip Softworks, is a compelling blend of fast paced 2D combat and tower defense, backed by elements of resource management and an in-depth character development system.

Assume the role of Blake, a private security operative fleeing the Icarus space station after a bacterial outbreak transforms the station’s occupants into homicidal monsters. After crash landing on the surface of Mars, close to the mining colony of Deadstone, Blake quickly discovers that his part in the conflict is far from over.

Every time an infected gets past you, a colonist dies. Do you have what it takes to stop them? Fight toe to toe with hordes of infected monsters through 50 levels of pitched fire fights. Develop the perfect strategy to hold back the tide, through clever placement of defensive hardware, equipment selection, and resource management. Build the perfect fighter to complement your strategy, developing 4 primary stats: Speed, Constitution, Accuracy, Mechanics, and choosing from over 40 game changing perks.


Frantic Combat:

Experience nerve wracking battles with an insidious, unrelenting foe across 50 levels, on the most hostile frontier man has ever dared to set foot on: Mars. Battle the infected in three distinct mission types: Patrol, Arena, and Colonist Rescue.

Protect the Colony:

Devise a strategy and deploy defenses before each patrol. Choose from 4 turrets and lay mines to create a defensive screen between the colonists and the infected. Upgrade your turrets’ stats, and research completely new abilities for them, such as the Kinetic Thumper, which releases recoil energy into a shock wave to push infected back.

Bring a Friend:

Experience the full single player campaign with a buddy in local coop.

Tools of the Trade:

Spend your hard earned credits expanding your arsenal. Choose from 16 upgradable weapons from 4 classes: pistol, shotgun, automatic, precision, and complement your selection with 5 equipment types, including flares, explosives, and armor.

Play your way:

Develop the ultimate fighter with the unfortunately acronym S.C.A.M. (Speed, Constitution, Accuracy, Mechanics) system, which is comprised of 4 primary stats, 11 secondary stats, and over 40 perks.

Face an Evolving Enemy:

Learn how to effectively combat 6 different enemies, including the soldier, commander, and the fearsome phase shambler. Contend with an enemy that attacks under the cover of night and dust storm, and even burrows under the surface to ambush you.

Twin Tales:

Experience two engaging stories, or play without if you’re just here for the action. Choose between a straight up survival narrative and a lighter, farcical take on the story.

Fight to Win:

Compete on online leaderboards for the top spot.

Casual to Hardcore:

Deadstone has 5 difficulty settings, to accommodate varying levels of skill.

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