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26 February 2018

Cthulhu Chew (The Teether That Should Not Be)

Every one of us who has had children has had the fun and joy of watching them go through the teething process. This nightmarish time is full of screams, tantrums, and grumpy babies. It is not very pleasant at all but there is hope. Cthulhu has heard your pleas. He has sent out his waves on intense psychic energy to New Zealand and struck madness in the home of a creative woman from Auckland

In comes the Cthulhu Chew. A chew toy that looks like a little tiny Cthulhu that will not only delight your bundle of joy but also help him or her overcome the painful teething process.  The toy is easy to hold, soft, and best of all satisfying for the most precious person in your life. The creator of this project has a good following and has already proven that she can fullfill a kickstarter and create a quality project. So hope on over and help her make this one a success. I am thinking of backing this one so that I can get these nifty little treats for my twin nieces.


I’m Sarah, Helles Teeth’s creator/mum.  I’m a first time mother and when my baby started teething at 3 months old, I struggled to find a teether that both my baby and I were happy with and that ticked all of the boxes in terms of being safe, non-toxic and soothing on sore gums.  Adding to that criteria, I wanted to design a teething product that stood apart from the rest (as in pastel coloured and butterfly shaped) that not only appealed to babies, but to parents; be they geeks, metallers, gamers, hipsters or sweet vanilla.  Selfishly, I like buying stuff that I think is cool!  Mum and Dad are the ones with the wallets, so why not add an element of enjoyment for them?


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